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The first in our new series, digging out awesome older albums. Jamie Grimes starts with a much loved gem from the halcyon days of England's underground.

Lantern For A Gale | 'Cut Throat Blues'

Lantern For A Gale's last release, 'Lands More Hostile' was pretty fucking cracker.

A great example of quality riffs taking priority over everything, with a really organic production that showed they were up to what they wanted to do with their North Coast hardcore.

This two track stopgap tape release is packed with the same energy that makes the band such an enthusiastic listen.

'Cut Throat Blues' is heavily metallic, with tight riffing and the occasional lead line. It's the best pharmacy store a song of two halves, charging into it's d-beat for a bit at the start before slowing down into a more melodic and open finish.

Of the two tracks on here though I prefer 'The Atlas Experiment'. The group shouts are cool in the background, and it has a more considered feel about it. The echoed guitar lead line is simple and genius.

Something else that's decent about them is their lyrics, which in 'Atlas…' really do stand out.

So onward go the band, and as ever there's an open recommendation to get to their gigs – or the closely aligned Hornets for that matter. The next full release should really be something to look forward to.

3.7 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 06/07/13

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2 Responses to “Lantern For A Gale | 'Cut Throat Blues'”
  1. Ollkiller Says:

    Cracking live band alright. Cool song to boot.

  2. PatrickReborn Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed that track. WNot usually my thing but I will certainly be checking more stuff out.