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LiveFastDie | ‘Live Fast Die Pissed’

Disillusionment can be good for you.

There comes a time when you just get fed up hearing the same old same old. You feel old and out of the loop. So when you hear something vaguely half decent, it allows you to find the motivation that you've been lacking for ages. It could be for anything, but the kick up the arse is all that matters.

When you hear something excellent, the possibilities are endless.

Featuring members of Abaddon Incarnate, Putrefaction and Wizards of Firetop Mountain, Live Fast Die describe themselves as a mix of Poison Idea, Zeke and Motorhead. That's pretty accurate to these ears and it helps that they have the songs to back up these grandiose claims.

Opening with the self titled track, it mixes scuzzy basslines with a riff that Broken Bones would kill for and a vocal that could be used as the dictionary definition of the tern “alcohol fuelled misanthropy.” Towards the end, there's an extended solo which has a hint of Thin Lizzy and it sounds perfect.

'Everybody Knows' is an indictment of the herd mentality of modern society who will happily ignore the elephants in their living room (as a side note, that was one of Alan Clarke's best films) despite knowing all too well that the problems are there. Musically, it is the sound of a car crash which is highly appropriate (considering the subject matter).

'Close to Hell' is a more midtempo number, and one I could imagine The Dangerfields covering (if they get back together). The most rock n roll (by way of Zeke/Dwarves) number on here with plenty of licks and solos which gets the head nodding while you do your best impression of the skanker man on DRI's logo.

Last two numbers 'Straight From the Gutter' and 'My Way' are more of the same (although 'My Way' ups the ante by being six minutes longs, further fuelling the intensity). Not to say that they're bad numbers by any means. I'd simply be repeating the above paragraphs.

By now (hopefully), you've got an idea of what sort of music is being peddled here, and I can tell you that it is utterly majestic and blows the cobwebs off the parts of you that genuinely thought that you had no enthusiasm left in you.

No frills, no pretentions, just straight ahead punk rock. And, unlike contemporaries Burning Love, there's a freshness and chaotic feel to the music that really cannot be faked. I imagine that, in a live setting, the chaos factor will dramatically increase.

There's also a love and passion for this unhinged music coming through every riff, vocal and drum fill. The lads in Live Fast Die know this music like the back of their hand but never allow themselves to be mere copyists.

The perfect antidote for disillusionment.

– Christopher Owens ::: 08/09/13

  1. Thanks for the review!!! ‘Everybody Knows’ is a Leonard Coen song, hence the lyrics being far more accomplished than the rest of the songs…

  2. Have to say having seen these guys live i thought the energy and balls to the wall intensity of the live performance would be very difficult to capture, this demo has managed it. Great band, look forward to seeing and hearing more of them!

  3. Paddysclosed Says:

    This is savage stuff.

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