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Abbottoir | ‘MCMXV’

Experimental, psych-sludge delivered at totemic pace and swamped in enigma: the latest in Belfast obscurity.

They’ve really gone for it on this latest demo, with two massive tracks each clocking in at nearly half an hour apiece.

The whole thing is really an atmosphere piece, though of course there are solid drone-doom riffs in here, detuned and laboured.

In fact it’s quite accessible for what it is, in as much as this recalls so much of Skepticism, Thergothon, Indesinence and Funeral in it’s dirge like procession. In that respect it’s really quite traditional for long passages, and immensely satisfying in its stomp.

Occasionally, blasts of frantic action come almost out of nowhere, such as in the middle of ‘Hamartomic Renewal’, which turns from a muddy, desolate crawl into a swirling morass of blasts and yells.

One of the best things about it is the retention of a solidly metallic core.

Which brings me to the whole offering’s biggest influence – which could only be Esoteric. The same churn and stir from miasmic vocals and effects loops add an absolutely otherworldly feel to all of this. It’s a superb homage.

By the end of that first monumental track, spaced out keyboard textures recall the best of darkambient offerings from much, much deeper underground – the likes of Habeeb and Bestia Centauri come to mind.

Overall the guitar tone is utterly monstrous, solid and commanding. The harmonies are mournful and judicious, while the tormented vocals are a perfect, well spaced compliment.

It’s a fantastic funeral doom release – a genre not exactly burgeoning in Ireland – and deserves your immediate attention. Absorb through headphones, in darkness and in complete concentration for absolutely maximum reward.

A brilliant offering from the depths of music’s very soul.

Earl Grey ::: 06/10/13

  1. Small correction on the name – it’s Abbotoir. Cheers.

  2. The Earl frequently gets confused when spelling Abbattoir.. I mean Abbotoir.

  3. Bloody disgusting

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