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Xenocide | Interview

Death metal has always enjoyed rude health in Ireland, and a new generation is brining the brutality home. Xenocide are about to release a new EP – and Metalireland has been given an exclusive track for you all!

Bassist Pam Lennon and vocalist Dylan Murtagh explain all.



The new material is light years better than your last EP. What are you going for?

D: I only came into the band eight months ago, but I think since then its definitely getting a lot heavier and a lot groovier.

P: Yeah, it’s just basically us sitting down and writing a lot, buzzing off each other – it’s very energetic and there’s even a lot of punk influence in there. It’s just a machine for riffs. We’re not really into coming at it from a theoretical point of view, it’s all about the flow and very natural time signatures for each person in the band.

Steve on the drums brings a thrashy element to it, but as for me and Dylan we’re just sterortypical death metal scumbags!

Just thinking back to the last demo, I remember that there were a lot of rough edges, but that the ideas were definitely there. What bands have provided your inspiration?

P: We try to do it from scratch. The funny thing is we end up sounding like a load of bands none of us listen to [laughs]. A lot of people go “ah that’s total such and such” and we’re like “who are they?” – which is good because its not like we’re trying to copy formulas.

D: The three new tracks are infinitely heavier, there’s not as much of a thrash feeling any more. Dave (former vocalist) used to be very much at the high end, but I’m a lot more guttural, which makes a difference.

P: He anchors it a lot more. Because the guitar is very sharp, we needed more bass in the overall sound.


So it was very much a case of back to the drawing board for these new songs?

P: When we were between lineups, myself Ste and Ed were just writing constantly, so we’ve got so many songs we havent even gone back to yet. We were going in three days a week, loving it and just buzzing off it. You know, you go in feeling dead after work then come out just really energized.

We were waiting around for a vocalist, and you know its so hard to find a good vocalist in Ireland that isnt already in a band. Its so small.

You guys have a pretty atheltic take on death metal. How do you keep it up?

D: In my opinion it takes you til your early thirties to really get good at it though. When you’ve really learned your craft and you know what you want to do.

P: I think bands when they’re younger, they all sound alike. If you can stick with a band and mature, and get on well, that’s where good stuff comes out. That’s why I’m excited about where we’re going. We can play the setlsit from the first EP and it’s grand, but then when do the new stuff its just insane. I’d be quite a lethargic person generally, but it gives me that energy and that’s what its about for me.

Predictable question, but what did bring a girl to sausage fest of death metal anyhow?

P: I was in a rock band for years – Itchy Trigger Finger – but while the band were great, some wanted to go a more commercial route, which I didnt. It was hard discount diflucan getting in the door regarding death metal, because as a girl people think you cant play as hard or whatever. But I love the challenge, and I’d played with Atheos there for a year. Playing their riffs on bass was the biggest workout I could have gotten.

What’s the fundamental reason kids should listen to Xenocide?

D: Well, overgrown kids is all we are!

P: I think that’s a lot of it. We’re not mad, but it’s sociable, it’s all about enjoying writing.

D: I mean last week we played Clonmel. It cost us sixty euro each to get down there each, thirty for the hotel, a hundred on gargle and we got paid seventeen euro the gig [laughs]. You can only do that if you love it. Over the last few months we’ve all become closer, that’s for sure.

P: Definitely, you end up talking more, getting better at working as a team.

  1. New tunes are class, well done.

  2. open face sugery Says:

    “We’re not mad”

    Haha. Calling shenanigans on that one.

  3. Slit your guts Says:

    The new songs are really good! way better than the last E.P

  4. Yeah we are a bit touched, Saturday was bananas. Open face surgery: ‘I know I’m on the fucking floor’ haha

  5. That Dylan guy is some vocalist bet he has a conservative catholic dad who cringes when he listens to those vocal death throes

  6. Dylan Murtagh Says:

    FUCK SAKE DAD, stop embarrassing me in front of my peers 🙁

  7. Dylan Murtagh Says:

    You JERK!!!

  8. clapriddledwhore Says:

    round of applause

  9. Very nice people

  10. Some tasty riffs in there!

  11. That top photo looks like a couple of Australian backpackers in the Temple Bar.

  12. Ha, I know. The state of us. More so a very hungover Xenocide having the cure and being inappropriately merry.

  13. Sounds pretty deadly lads. I’m just glad you got out of that brown leather jacket wearing phase Dylan.

    Thanks for the name drop Pam. Do you remember the time I drove into the ditch in the snow. Funny.

  14. John Matrix Says:

    You’re a funny guy Sully, i like you……..that’s why I’m going to kill you last.

  15. Nice.

  16. John how could I forget, I thought we were dead- sliding slowly into a ditch at 3 miles an hour! This music business is lethal stuff- parties, booze, party drugs, more booze, and stoned road incidents.

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