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Nomadic Rituals | ‘Holy Giants’

Nomadic Rituals – great bandname, and one the captures exactly the sound of the band.

These Belfast neanderthals have been gigging steadily in recent times, a fact very much apparent in the tightness and solidity of this recording.

It sounds huge. The guitars are massive, while the drums have space and authenticity. It’s worth noting that this has been mastered by none other than James Plotkin (Khanate, Phantomsmasher), veteran noise artiste, and it’s clearly had a massive upping effect in the quality.

Opener ‘Dont Fuck With Giants’ despite its clever name is probably one of the less accessible tracks on here. A slow, laboured thump, it does nonetheless set up both the absolutely guttural vocal and the Khanate style sound the band have gone for.

Much better is the vibrant ‘The Grey’ which takes the tempo up a notch and drags you along with it like a sack of boulders.

Standout track is ‘The Ritual’ for its mix of tempos and feel. Brooding around in a slow drone for its opening segments, it gives way to an absolutely crushing bragadoccio beat, ramping up the groove before slipping back down into a treacly pit – and back again. Fantastic.

These guys have a hell of a lot to offer. They’re good at both ends of the spectrum, both in the slow, deep and hard sections of utter doom and also in the aforementioned groove.

What’s most important is that they’ve got their overall sound and aesthetic spot on: the songs are clearly there to be developed in the long game. They know what they’re at and hopefully it’ll be a pleasure to see what they come up with next.

Til then this is a very satisfying piece of spaced out troglodyte doom.

Earl Grey ::: 14/11/13

  1. Love this CD! One of the years highlights.
    Very similar to Weed Priest… Would love to see the two of them gig together.

  2. Bring some tapes to the Mourning Beloveth gig!

  3. They’re playing with Weed Priest in Dublin this Saturday.

    The new tracks are great, love the intro samples but can’t help but think it’s a little too polished. The demo was utter filth. But still a great album. The hand screened artwork looks nice as well.

  4. “They’re playing with Weed Priest in Dublin this Saturday.”

    Unfortunately I’m nowhere near Dublin! 🙁

  5. this album has sustained me on manys an angry stomp home from work. Simultaneously calming my rage whilst nurturing my revenge fantasies lol! awesome piece of drone Doom to zone out with and fall into

  6. Eoin McLove Says:

    I’m playing a gig with one band on Saturday afternoon and jamming with another in the evening so I won’t make that gig 🙁

  7. Thanks for the kind words!
    Yeah we have a gig with Zhora in Fibbers this Saturday 16th. Then we have the Mourning Beloveth gig on the 30th in the Voodoo Lounge in Dublin, and finally a dirt-fest with War Iron, Cat Piss Brain Rot and Owl Crusher in the Limelight, Sat 7th Dec. That will probably be the last one for this year.
    We also may be taking a trip to Cork and a few other places in the new year so we will keep you posted.

    Eoin if we have received the tapes by then (and I seriously hope we do) we will surely bring them. It has been a bit of a head melt waiting on them.

  8. Why have I left it so long to check these guys out? Rocking.

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