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Misty Grey | ‘Demon’ (Demo)

Dooooooooom on.

This was a mistaken purchase.

I picked it up in Into the Void thinking it was the Snowblind demo. The use of purple and black made me think “ah, I see what they did there. Snowblind + Master of Reality.” Of course, it’s actually a demo tape from a traditional doom four piece outfit from Madrid called Misty Grey.

‘Grey Mist’ (see what they did there) begins in a low key fashion, with some light jazz style drums and a throbbing bassline. Around the 45 second mark, the guitar and vocals kick in. Riff and tone is a mixture of Church of Misery and ‘Ethereal Mirror’ era Cathedral. This, of course, is a good thing. Vocals remind me of New York poetess/No Waver Lydia Lunch which is highly unusual, and has me intrigued.

‘Sorrow From the Beginning’ keeps the momentum going, and has a lovely middle eight due to an arpeggiated chord which lightens the mood as well as a solo that feels like wallowing in dirt. By the end of the solo, it somehow makes the riff all the more headbangable.

‘Dusk till Dawn’ is a more up-tempo number for the first two minutes until the tempo drops and the listener is back in the filth. Next we have the slow ‘The Shadow of a Doubt’, which is pure Saint Vitus worship and features some crunchy staccato riffage.
Closer ‘Silver Bullet’ keeps it slow and allows the bass room to breathe.

All in all, it’s a solid and promising release. I was quite surprised to find out they hailed from Madrid, given that Spain is not known for being a hotbed of great metal. The vocals make them stand out (somewhat) from the various stoner/doom bands on the go, but there’s not enough to blow away the listener.

There’s no doubt that they’re tight, well versed in doom and are great players. But they need to up their game for the next release, otherwise they could find themselves, in the next few years, being consigned to the bin entitled “doom landfill.” Nonetheless, this is only a demo and there’s enough on here to satisfy the doom hordes.

One reviewer has stated (quite boldly) that “…commercially successful bands such as Orchid are hopelessly overvalued and that the true essence of what makes this music lies with bands such as Misty Grey.” Bit of an overstatement, but it is an enjoyable and fun demo, if not one that you’ll be continually reaching for on the shelf.

And to think it was a mistaken purchase.

Christopher Owens ::: 23/11/13

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