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Here We Stand | ‘Here We Stand’

If nothing else, it’s clear that Here We Stand have enthusiasm. And even when music needs developed, it’s a quality that can see a band through.

The young band from Cork are doing good things here: their melodic, emotional post hardcore draws on the usual themes (ex girlfriends by the sounds) but puts it all across in a pretty convincing way.

The bottom line is that they can write. Opener ‘Diaries’ shows that in its easy to remember chorus, with its decent lyrics.

It’s the heavier, thicker and somewhat less trite ‘Our Ground’ though that’s really impressive. Their more than competent drummer makes excellent use of a china cymbal in here to really set the riffs off.

There’s good groovy double kick used in here as well, and the guitar tone is super meaty. As well as that – am I wrong, or do they swap vocalists about? Whatever the case, the vocals in this one are a sight more aggressive.

A good chordal ear is employed in ‘Walker’ which once again has a decent set of lyrics – it’s ‘All good things come to an end’ refrain is, as elsewhere on here, very likely to stick in your head. As mentioned, some decent chord progressions help it all along.

What’s also clear (from the tightness and the groove) is that these tracks will be great live, and likely to enthuse a good pit.

Great work then from this lot within their genre and likely fanbase – well produced and well played. They could do with losing some of the more cloying emo parts, as when they put the pedal to the metal they’re just much more interesting.

ALso, the artwork could do with a spruce up, but they’re hardly the first Irish band with that problem.


2.9 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 23/01/14

  1. very impressed by these guys

  2. Very talented bunch of lads well worth going to see them live

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