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Plague | ‘Demo’

Bit of a crap name, yeah, and it makes the act of stumbling across the band’s music an almost impossible task, but Plague from the Death Metal Mecca that is The Canary Islands are more than worth the effort.

With a simple two track demo up on Bandcamp which has yet to receive a proper physical release, this one man entity has managed to fully capture my attention. Looping, droning, murky Death Metal with an abysmal Blackened morbidity is hacked up from rotten lungs that sound dead and buried.

This one will be of interest to those hankering for the new Teitanblood and anyone who knelt before the cthonic, slimy altar of Grave Upheaval.

The sound is a heaving, dense wave of nausea that occasionally opens itself up to offer a glimpse of its hideous inner organs. Howling, tortured vocals give way to segments of religious chanting and riffs coagulate to a Doomed crawl allowing the noxious miasma to disperse occasionally allowing moments of reprieve.

This is more about bitumen texture and atmosphere than actual music, as anyone familiar with the aforementioned bands will suspect, but there is still a sense of musicality present, it just has to be teased out.

Those waving, stretched riff are heaped on in thick layers to smother and disorientate the listener and as such the notes take a bit of a back seat.

Still, if you want a quick trip into a weird and chaotic world of seriously underground Death then this one is for you.

The artwork also inspires wonder and intrigue and should look pretty tasty when the tape does finally arrive.

Hold your breath and immerse yourself.

Andrew Cunningham ::: 11/03/14

  1. “…from the Death Metal Mecca that is The Canary Islands” hah!

    yeah this is great stuff!

  2. Eoin McLove Says:

    Definitely worth a listen for fans of Grave Upheaval, Teitanblood and Irkallian Oracle.

  3. Yeah though IO have yet to click with me it was those comparisons that drew my attention. Cool review!

  4. Eoin McLove Says:

    Cool. Stick with IO, ‘Grave Ekstasis’ is a great album.

  5. “This is more about bitumen texture and atmosphere than actual music”

    Well fuck that then. If I want that, I have a bunch of noise records at home. WHERE ARE THE RIFFS?

  6. Eoin McLove Says:

    They are in there, it’s just VERY swampy sounding. Did you like the GU album?

  7. Black Shepherd Says:

    I’m hankering for the new Teitanblood, though I haven’t heard Grave Upheaval… but in either case, this did nothing for me at all. Did you mention Teitanblood simply because they’re Spanish? Because apart from that, unless your powers of “teasing out” are truly miraculous beside mine (not impossible), I’m not sure where the comparison is coming from.

  8. Eoin McLove Says:

    Really? I think they share common ground. I mean, teasing riffs out of Seven Chalices is a bit of work. There is a similar sensory overload approach to the production. Different strokes perhaps.

  9. Andy, depends what mood I’m in – sometimes yes, sometimes no, but either way, I’m increasingly tired of this trend for dull, murky death metal without any character of its own. The genre seems to have completely discarded the idea of songs having any sense of coherence in search of “atmosphere” and it’s really fucking monotonous in the extreme. I wouldn’t put this, or GU in the same league as IO, who I think are moving things forward from the monotony threatening to swallow things. I’ll ask again: WHERE ARE THE RIFFS????? I’m not hearing any. Call me old fashioned but I miss DM bands actually writing songs that were recognisably songs…

  10. Eoin McLove Says:

    I get you and I agree. I’m fed up of a lot of bands in the Black and Death camps focusing too heavily on the atmosphere end of things. Then again, if it’s done well I’m all for it and I think it is done well here.

  11. ollkiller Says:

    Swampy sounding alright, as in shit sounding. As Jamie said, I can’t hear any riffs.

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