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● Why no new anthems
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Serpent Visions Hardcore Jamboree| Live Review

The Warzone Centre 29/03/14

The night of five gigs.

This. Gnarwolves in McHugh’s. Slomatics and Lurch in Voodoo. Electric Taurus and Nomadic Rituals in the Stiff Kitten as well as Los Reyez and The Fucksakes in the Menagerie. ALL ON THE SAME NIGHT.

So, choices had to be made.

After Gnarwolves, I get round to the Warzone only to find that Strong Boys decided to carry out an impromptu set. FOR FUCK’S SAKE. Plus the lack of Fag Enablerz and Livefastdie is a bit of an annoyance.

Overbite aren’t the most remarkable band in the world (imagine Narrows playing second hand Bl’ast riffs through a rusty tape deck) , but tonight they suffer from poor sound which reduces their set to samey mush.

A lack of vocals don’t help either. But the bigger problem for me is that there’s no energy or menace from the band. It’s hard to say whether they’re nonchalant about playing live, or simply nervous. They need to up their game, and soon.

Disguise have no such problems. Simply put, they are staggeringly ferocious. The darkness they conjure up is unbelievable. Swedish crust, Japanese hardcore with reverb filled vocals and enough energy to power a city block.

Anyone who saw their set at Warzone Fest will remember them being one of the highlights. Tonight, they just topped that performance. Do. Not. Miss. Them.

Glaswegians Clocked Out have a very hard task ahead of them, and they rise to the challenge admirably.

Although they don’t begin to touch Disguise, their Black Flag by way of Active Minds hardcore sounds enormous in the Warzone, and front man MacKay throwing himself about with reckless abandon while screaming his guts out is a sight to behold. Get their 7′.

Sheffield’s favourite sons (beside Cabaret Voltaire) Skiplickers close tonight’s gig with more Swedish D-beat carnage.

Possibly the only band on the bill who could outdo Disguise, they don’t quite manage this due to slightly iffy sound. But they still give it all, and their sound is an tsunami of Anti Cimex and Mob 47 riffage, with lyrics attacking society as well as celebrating alcohol. As Discharge once said: noise, not music. And all the better for it.

Fuck the nostalgia crew, hardcore is alive and well.

Christopher Owens ::: 30/03/14

  1. I wasn’t there unfortunately but from the photos I think it was Scumheads who played a surprise set, not Strong Boys.

  2. There was a bit of debate on the night about who that was, as some said Strong Boys and some Scumheads. Cheers for clearing that up.

  3. Scumheads played, there was some mumblings about strong boys playing. I thought I missed them but it turns out people got confused seeing as its all the same people?

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