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The Drip | ‘A Presentation Of Gruesome Politics’

An EP of grind. Don’t mind if I do.

Formed in 2007, Richland residents The Drip haven’t been the most prolific act in the world (three EP’s in seven years).

However, the last release (‘The Wasteland’) was an enjoyable piece of work, both suitably chaotic and controlled. They’ve since signed to Relapse and this is the first result.

The first thing you notice is that the guitar tone has changed to one more along the lines of Agathocles instead of the more upfront Insect Warfare influenced one as heard on ‘The Wasteland.’

You also notice that the drums are incredibly low in the mix and have the potential to irritate.

Nevertheless, ‘Catalyst’ features some savage vocals and a killer riff. The breakdown towards the end… wow.

‘Rise to Failure’ begins with a frenzy of vocals, seemingly battling with each other over who will be the dominant vocalist. It’s brilliant, and the riff reminds me of Siege (a good thing).

‘Bygones Only Burn Once’ is the best song on here. It has groove, a scuzzy bassline and a split second pause before the chaos resumes.

With it only being twelve minutes long, it’ll be a bit of a struggle to make this review over 500 words.

I’ll just sum it up as such: certainly nowhere near as blistering as their other self releases, and the lack of drums in the mix don’t help either. But it more than hits the spot for those days when grind is what you need.

Nice artwork as well.

3.2 / 5 – Christopher Owens ::: 08/05/14

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  1. I got a patch and a demo off these lads about 4 years ago, delighted to hear they are doing well

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