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Sigurd Wongraven - Satyricon

● Frost's new drumming
● That tour with Pantera
● His medical recovery

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The Metal Insight Podcast #

Trivium's Matt Heafy Talks To MI

A surprising, engaging dude. Hear it!

Trivium are playing the Academy in Dublin in June. So we caught up with Matt Heafy for this special podcast – and found a sharp dude totally willing to shoot the breeze with us.

He’s a really interesting character. Full of good ideas and real focus about his music, and bursting with enthusiasm. You can tell he’s learned a lot after having done so much of his growing up in public.

We begin by talking about the new album, ‘Vengeance Falls’. But as things go on, Matt really goes into some depth about his experiences.

He also reveals how he’s been mentored by Emperor’s Ihsahn, how he’s past feeling burdened by the focus on his image – and how he really digs Ireland’s Altar Of Plagues!

It’s a really honest chat, and I was very surprised by how forthcoming Matt was. Hope you enjoy it!

  1. Really good interview with decent questions. Not a fan of trivium but seemed a pretty sincere chap. More of this type of thing ciaran, makes good listening.

  2. deeeznuuuts Says:

    Great interview.

  3. LOL, It’s Vengeance Falls not Vengeance Rising, good interview though 😛

  4. Sorry that was my typo as I was listening to something else. Idiot! Fixed now.

    He’s a cool dude though, isnt he?

  5. Black Shepherd Says:

    Vengeance Rising? Aw man, get an interview with the absolute looper that is Roger Martinez and then we’ll be talking!

    He seemed really sound – didn’t find him particularly interesting though; and he seems to have misunderstood your question about the vocal mix completely, but anyway.

  6. You’re right Chris, that wasnt precisely what I meant on that one. But insightful nonetheless.

  7. Solid interview, he seems on the ball with his creative output and how he approaches it.

  8. thejuice Says:

    Yes, very down to earth. very little bullshit and he does seem genuinely very interested in what he does as well as metal as a whole.

  9. well that’s my opinion of him completely changed

  10. Leigh M. Says:

    Good interview, yerman speaks sense.

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