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Electric Taurus / Prehistoric Pigs | Split

Who knew Italy was so damn good at Doom?

Well, Irish Italian doom impresario Matt Casciani from Electric Taurus does. Which is why he’s been so proactive in making sure his countrymen getting a hearing.

This split between Electric Taurus and Italy’s Prehistoric Pigs is his latest offering, and it’s pure magic.

The Electric Taurus track is so good that I cant get it off repeat.

One long, blissful, crushing track that’s just full to the brim with dark bluesy spacemagic.

E.T. have been gigging regularly, improvising often, testing themselves, and have developed a rock solid sound all of their own.

This release blows their last one out of the water by some considerable distance, and the work they’ve put in has paid off in spades.

This time, their doomed fuzz takes on a more 60s feel – much more atmospheric, reverbed, nuanced, warm and dusty than ever. It’s fronted by a lady with some of the most bewitching pipes I’ve ever heard – I dont know her name (sorry), but her bluesy croon absolutely kills it.

It’s the perfect personality to have at the front of this colossal riffing. The track is absolutely full to the brim with dynamics and range, as well as amazing ‘glass rim’ samples about half way in that just adds yet more to the whole thing.

Prehistoric Pigs dont fare too badly either with their side of this. Crushing guitars, beautiful melodies, an absolutely walloping snare drum sound and a real grasp of light and shade make their tracks almost as much of a pleasure.

I can’t overstate what an awesome little release this is. A perfect accompaniment to Slomatics recent ‘Estron’ winner, it somehow captures something more than music – it really takes you away.

Electric Taurus manage to make you think you’re listening to a red-house madame straight out of Sky Valley with their mix of hippy cult intrigue and husky doomed blues. It’s an absolutely intoxicating sound, and one which you need in your life, pronto.

Plaudits to both bands – this is absolutley superb. Tonally, compositionally and just rockingly.

A beaut.

4.2 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 08/07/14

  1. “Who knew Italy was so good at doom?”

    There’s a obviously a Paul Chain sized hole in your life CT!

  2. Barbara Allen from Crafty Fuzz does guest vocals with ET on their track. Fantastic voice and a fantastic track!

  3. earl grey Says:

    Too true Feargal 🙂

  4. ollkiller Says:

    Played on the same bill as these boys 3 times now and each time they were feckin excellent. Great track lads. Fair play.

  5. excellent band

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