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The Metal Insight Podcast #

Hexxed's Hidden Graphs - Have They Gone Too Far?

Hear It Here - Have They Gone Too Far?

Metalireland exclusively presents ‘Hidden Graphs’ – the daring new EP from Hexxed. Hear it here, then listen to the band explain their new sound in the podcast interview below.

As you heard, Hexxed have now evolved to a point very, very far past the technical death metal genre that spawned them.

It’s a release that challenges and provokes with its off the wall style.

In fact it provokes me more than perhaps anyone: I used to be in the band, and left it because I didn’t like this musical direction.

But this release has given me the opportunity to go back to my old bandmates and just ask some questions. Like… what exactly is this stuff? Isn’t it just all a bit much? Will anybody understand what you’re doing?

Hear the interview here.

The first few times I spun it, I was far from convinced. And yet the more I listen to this, the more I get and understand what they’re trying to do.

It takes a lot of listens, that’s for sure. With repeat exposure though it really starts to sink in.

What do you think – progression through transgression?

Or have they moved too far from their metal upbringing?

This EP is a real piece of food for thought.

  1. Brilliant, well done.

    Really wasn’t expecting this,
    I know it’s a far distance from the original Hexxed,
    but this Is great in It’s own way, really well executed prog.

    The last release got me a little confused as to what was being done, this one makes more demented sense to me.

    Fair play for doing something different,
    I shall look forward to checking this stuff out live.


  2. Black Shepherd Says:

    Only the first two tracks are playing here…? Can’t get the last two to work.

  3. Owenofhexxed Says:

    Cheers JK and thanks for the interview Ciaran

    Hidden Graphs is available to purchase via iTunes and it should be available through Spotify

    Of course it’s free to steam from here. There is also a small batch of CDs with nifty artwork and absurd lyrics if you prefer – email

    Apologies for the shameless plug

  4. drummer101 Says:

    Same problem, third and fourth tracks don’t load.

  5. Owenofhexxed Says:

    Try skipping into track 3 or 4 from the previous track – seems to work.

  6. earl grey Says:

    Sorry this is a Firefox thing with the Ogg format. Fixed now. Clear your cache and reload this page, sorted. Sorry for hassle!

  7. Shardben Says:

    Good Stuff! really enjoyed it.

  8. Finally got this to work!

    Sounds very interesting, if a little meandering at times. Especially ‘Fractilise’ which is probably the weakest of all the tracks. It sits better in the context of the full set, but interest is completely lost half way through the track. The others are much better.

  9. I agree that Fractilise is the weakest. Stochastic, or Palindrome, for me are the best.

  10. Eoin McLove Says:

    I liked Fractilise even though it could do with having a few more surprises musically. The vocals carry it. Pallindromes has some cool stuff but again it relies a bit too much on the spacy synth- which I think mostly work- rather than letting the guitars rip. As someone mentioned on the thread, it could do with a bit more looseners and I definitely picked up on that Redneck Manifesto comparison Jamie made. I’ll pick it up and give it some proper attention. This kind of music can sometimes sound a bit sterile so it’s important to keep a playful feel. A bit of filth wouldn’t go astray either but that’s pretty much a vain hope at this stage. I think the artwork is pretty tasty too, by the way.

  11. Got to say, listening to the interview and hearing the whole thing, it makes a fair bit more sense. Quite impressive how taking any song on its own is a bit of a flop, but as a whole, it’s unexpectedly engaging. Starting to click, anyway.

  12. Obviously King Crimson are a big influence on Tool, but there’s a fair whack of Tool off some sections. Especially some of the more subtle effects on the vocals. And that whole over-lapping time-signatures thing, obviously. Hearing some Martin Grech in the vocals, too. Very interesting release, especially given its context.

  13. Black Shepherd Says:

    All the instrumental songs are excellent. The vocals are also excellent. Unfortunately, when there are vocals, the music becomes quite pedestrian and everything sounds directly borrowed from one of a small handful of sources. Surprised that a concerted effort wasn’t made to fusing the influences into a new sound rather than making a juxtaposed collage of them, considering how accomplished the playing is.

  14. wizardinblack Says:

    “It takes a lot of listens, that’s for sure” – At best I could say it’s elaborate, at worst I would say it’s a bore. Multiple listens would be a stretch too far for these ears anyway.

  15. Leigh M. Says:

    Been a big fan of hexxed for a good while now(really liked the synapse collision), but I feel they’ve dropped the ball a little with this one. Its definatly well written/played, however I always liked the fact that before this release, to me anyway, they always had their own sound. This time round theres not too much to set them apart from the crowd imo. Some of it just sounds a little too close to the likes of redneck manifesto etc.
    Best of luck to all involved though, its good to see them find the musical direction they’ve been looking for!

  16. Sounds like Karnivool.

  17. Extremely well played and produced. In the interview the lads come off as much more grounded than the music would suggest.

    Great ideas in the music but it’s the type of music that doesn’t really resonate with me. The term “playful” was used. Could be that happy vibe that permeates it just doesn’t do it for me. The electronica elements are excellent and applied quite tactfully, present but sitting perfectly in the mix. I’ll probably give it a bit more time.

  18. strong reaction Says:

    Reminds me of the whole mathrock scene that was going on around 2001, had a quick blast of the first track and I don’t know if I’d call it metal as such, certainly a departure from their very early stuff which is all I’d heard. Shades of Fucking Champs and Rednecks in there, although unlike them the parts don’t seem to flow.

    Stick em on a bill with TCBOO and I’ll check them out live. The free jazzlike experimentalism might work better onstage.

  19. Six Still Missing Says:

    Hexxed have always stood out to me, but this is the next level…love it! : )

  20. CD arrived this morning, nice package. Love the music, really excellent release, this.

  21. Owenofhexxed Says:

    Cheers for all the comments guys.

    There are just few of the physical CDs left if anyone wants a copy.

    Some gig news coming soon too

  22. […] can hear a recent interview with band on Metal Ireland, which also has the tracks from their latest EP, Hidden […]

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