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The Unholy | Interview

They’re the Portuguese band who say their biggest influence is 80’s US power metal. That’s good enough for us – so we got in touch for a few words to let the band introduce themselves.

Michael Joy has a quickfire question round with vocalist Sara Steel.


Hi Sara, could you tell us a little about where the band is from and its members?

Hi! We’re from Coimbra, Portugal.The Unholy are me on vocals, Nuno Nightmare on all guitars, Joe Dalton on the low end and Dangerous Dave behind the kit.

How would you describe the bands sound and what other bands would you consider your influences?

80’s Heavy Metal! It’s just what we love the most… bands such as Riot, Vicious Rumors, Savatage, early Queensryche!! Our sound is heavy, deep, sometimes fast… you just got to listen to it and figure it out for yourself!

The demo appeared to have been well received critically and sales wise. Is there any temptation to capitalise on the momentum and follow it up with a full length? Have you been writing much of late?

It was crazy!! We weren’t expecting the demo CDS to be sold out just in 10 days, but that’s really what happened. So Underground Power Records from Germany proposed us to release other 300 limited copies in a 12” vinyl and we thought it would be nice: those are also sold out at the label, we still have a few left and we can say we’re pleased and surprised with the response.

It was always our intention to record a full length, and we recorded the DEMO exactly to try to figure out the kind of sound/production we wanted for the album. We’re already forging new tunes from hell and we’ll keep on working to put out songs we really dig!

The heavy metal scene in Portugal has been churning out some gems in the last few years. Which bands do you consider yourselves to be associated with creatively or socially?

Creatively? None really. Fortunatly there are many different underground bands in Portugal and it’s amazing to have plenty of good music being created.

Socially… Many!! We’re good friends for some years now with the guys from Ravensire, Midnight Priest, Wanderer, Inquisitor, Dawnrider or Corman…

The band seems extremely confident and energetic in the live setting. Have any of you been in other bands before or have you been playing live a lot with The Unholy ?

Wow thanks! For me it was the first experience in the studio or even on stage… so I’m still getting used to it! Nuno played with Midnight Priest for a short while, and Joe is a founding member from that same band. Now we have a new member, our drummer Dangerous Dave, he also never played live before or has been in the studio, but we’re sure we’ll kick some serious ass soon!

You’ve been confirmed for the next Keep It True Festival. Are there plans for more international touring in the future? Can we expect to see you on these shores any time soon?

Yeah it was amazing to be invited to play at the Keep It True with just a demo out, we can’t wait to set that stage on fire! It’s an amazing festival.

We’re booking some concerts for this summer and 2015 already, and we talked about touring in Europe next year, but we still don’t have anything planned really because we’re also focusing on the full lenght. Let’s wait and see what happens!

With all of the success of the demo and live shows has there been much interest from labels yet?

Yes, we’ve been contacted by some labels already that seem really interested in our work.

You recently added a new member. How is he settling in so far?

Yeah, Dangerous Dave joined us a couple of months ago after Alex decided to leave the band for personal and professional reasons. He’s a very good friend of mine and he has been working hard to be the best he can be! We already started rehearsals and it’s being a great experience for all of us.

Interview by Michael Joy ::: 11/07/14

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