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Epta 7 | ‘Epta7’

Epta 7 are based in Cork, and play a mish mash of metal styles that takes in everything from Marylin Manson and Rob Zombie to a bit of Goth and the odd nod to Industrial.

It’s probably for this reason that although they often show hints of promise, more regularly, it’s a bit all over the place.

For a start the production is a bit budget, and a bit 90s sounding by today’s standards. The bass for example is basic, protruding in the mix, and not very tonally satisfying.

Similarly the guitars are a bit crispy and indistinct.

At their best, they really can pull it off though. ‘Eptasystem’ is the best example, with a gnashy, gutsy vocal take that has real balls and true rock attitude. It’s a track that in the right time and the right place really, really could have been important.

It’s just that that was fifteen odd years ago – not that that takes away from its essential coolness.

‘Moon Canvas’ has a bit more Goth about it, and is a good moody effort, sullied only by the crap production that’s just all wrong. The vocals are buried, the toms are stupid sounding and the bass again protrudes in a way that just sounds cheap.

There’s something decent in there alright, but it’s covered in the fog of bad tonal choices.

The bottom line with this is that there is the germ of a good band in Epta7, but they just sound a little behind the times, and a little unsophisticated because of it.

They need more practise and a vastly better production to even stand a chance in this day and age.

The vocals are pretty cool though, at times.

– Earl Grey ::: 03/08/14

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  1. Sounds very dated alright.

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