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Qip | ‘This Place Is A Tomb’

With all the hankering to be retro, there isn’t enough futurism in metal these days.

Fear Factory are old hat and Strapping Young Lad just sort of fell away; and after that you have to do some rather serious digging.

The oddly named Qip is the project of Belfast musician Maciek Pasinski, who fuses sci-fi with extreme metal for the kind of thing that could be the soundtrack to a violent computer game.

The production is huge for a one man band effort, and has an enormous chug. There are influences in here right the way through from the heavy electro of Combichrist to the futurist black of Aborym and all points in between.

It’s heavy, technical and very well constructed.

From the atmospheric clean guitar opening and spacey narration samples of ‘Discarded Specimens’ to the double bass hammer blow of ‘Humanity+’ there is much to like here.

He’s an adept electronic soundscapist as much as he is a metal musician, and the mix is an intriguing one.

‘Payback Ritual’ has an amazing guitar lick and slow, heavy 4×4 beat that opens out into a riff that’s as heavy and funereal as the best Skepticism. It’s fantastic.

The vocals could be a bit more dynamic, as the death metal bellow does tend to sound a little hollow through these tracks – more variety and styling would have been good.

But it’s a more than solid first effort.

Earl Grey ::: 03/08/14

  1. This sounds excellent!

  2. Is that cover art the Kursk?

  3. Cheers for a nice review.

    Yes, this pic is Kursk and the song tells the story of her crew.

    All my tunes can be found here:

    My soundcloud profile:

    I’ll finish mixing and mastering this year.


  4. Really like this fellas tracks on soundcloud. Instrumental versions have been up for a good while, but he’s been adding vocals and touching them up over time. They sound absolutely massive.

  5. Eoin McLove Says:

    Will there be a physical release?

  6. I am looking for a label to release it. If I can find one, there will be a CD. I could release it by myself but I would not have time for distribution. It may end up as an electronic release via bandcamp.

    BTW, “This place is a Tomb” is just a title of the closing song. I will choose another title for the album. The cover will be different too.

  7. That is extremely impressive stuff.

  8. […] A few months ago the enigmatic Belfast industrial project Qip got a great review for their debut album. […]

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