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Album Of The Month August 2014
Wild Rocket | ‘Geomagnetic Hallucinations’

Album Of The Month August 2014

First up, what a great title.

For a band playing space rock, you couldn’t get a more apt description of what’s inside this fabulous, spangly tin. It’s also clad in some fantastic artwork. Top marks.

In terms of the music, Wild Rocket really have put in the effort over the course of three releases now, and it’s starting to come good.

What’s most impressive about this latest outing is just how unashamedly fun it is.

‘Layers’ opens with a riff that sounds like a score to a dodgy Persian film from the 70s, and establishes their atmospheric fuzzy warmth. It’s the change in pace about two thirds of the way through though that really kicks this album off.

The speed picks up, and the band’s wonderful synthesizer blooping comes in to lift the track into space. It’s a continuing motif through songs and works an absolute treat.

It’s followed up with the album’s standout, ‘Blowholes’, which just slays. There’s no more description needed – you just have to hear it.

It’s an enormous riff, again complimented perfectly by those bloops and bleeps, and with a great mentalist vocal line that, strangely, recalls someone closer to Johnny Rotten than the likes of the Hawkwind you could be forgiven for expecting.

What’s most satisfying about them is their mix of influences. There’s as much synth pop in here as there is stoner and fuzz, and it’s an effervescent, heady brew.

The reason they get away with it is the simple reason that they write fantastic tunes that make you happy. And it absolutely, unequivocally rocks your socks.

What on earth is not to like?

They’re a band on fire right now writing quality tracks, and – I dearly hope – appealing to a very broad spectrum of fans. They could fit on a lot of bills and satisfy all.

Jump in their silver machine and blast off to planet rock. Get this awesome little vinyl.

Also – contender for artwork of the year? Let’s have that talk in December.

4.2 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 04/08/14

  1. Well deserved. It’s an absolute rocker of an album. Looking forward to picking it up next weekend 🙂

  2. welshchris Says:

    Amazing album, really looking forward to watching them rock out Friday and Saturday 🙂

  3. See ye space cadets on Saturday! Bring plenty of outer space wax…

  4. Deadly review! Just a quick edit though the track is called ‘Blowholes’ 🙂

  5. Dave Smash Says:

    Great sounding tune, been a while since I clocked some hours in space rock!

  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone, really means a lot to us and don’t worry we’ll have plenty of records for the three gigs this/next week.

    Friday 8th Fibbers (downstairs) Dublin w/ Slomatics///Headless Kross//Venus Sleeps

    Saturday 9th Limelight Belfast w/ Slomatics///Headless Kross//Tusks

    Wednesday 13th Whelan’s Dublin w/ EARTH

  7. Wow, have to admit I enjoyed listening to Wild Rocket. Pretty solid music yet fluid 🙂

  8. *The Dead* Says:

    this is fantastic on every level

  9. That sample track is excellent.

    Is the LP out yet? Is it/will it be at Into The Void?

  10. The Buzzing Says:

    Blowholes really reminds me of early 90’s Belfast bands. Flying Saucer Cult, In Dust, Repulse, LMS etc. It’s the vocals. Looking forward to the gig in The Limelight on Saturday.

  11. wizardinblack Says:

    CT’s right, it’s a record that you can just go with, enjoy, it’s takes minimal effort to get into, but it also confiscates your attention. I’ve had many listens to it now and each time some different aspect of it whispers, then shouts in my ear – it’s like taking a different path through it each time – just allowing it to navigate it’s way through the passages for you. The vox work really well too, they add matter, substance and familiarity, they are a discernible rail to cling to as the music moves around you. Polished off with that eye stopping artwork from “Lost Cosmonaut” in glorious 12″ and I feel that this is a record that will be close to the top of my bundle for years to come.

  12. Pio the whole album is on the bandcamp link below the review and will be in Into The Void from next week.

  13. That’s pretty cool alright. Reminds me of Tuonela-era Amorphis (unsurprising given the Hawkwind-isms).

  14. Miotal Trom Says:

    Sounds huge. Looking forward to picking up the vinyl. And I’ll definitely give another vote for artwork of the year! Superb!

  15. I got this in the mail during the week. Deadly stuff!

  16. […] about time we had a proper chat with Ireland’s own space truckers. Fresh from their well deserved Album Of The Month award on here, Jamie Grimes dons his space suit to communicate with WILD […]

  17. oriental metal, need more thoughts

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