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Underoath - Dublin - May 02

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#33 - Mortiis on what he's had to take for his image

Album Of The Month



The Spell

Warzone Centre, Belfast

The Centre, Little Victoria Street, Belfast, BT2, Northern Ireland



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Warzone Collective


belfast diy or don’t!

Non-profit gig collective founded to promote local and international music. If you are interested in setting up gigs or tours with us, or need help with an event please contact us through

Warzone Collective has been active since the early 1980’s, running autonomous social spaces and nuturing music, art and activism in Belfast. We now have a new building in Belfast and the latest incarnation of the gig collective is hard at work promoting shows for local and touring acts of all genre’s.
Most of our shows are in our own venue however we are also active in promoting bigger shows in other venues.

Want your venue listed or details changed? If so, please get in touch.

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