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English Dogs – Wakey Bites Back | Interview

The story of English Dogs has taken another little twist.

Not too long after our interview with Gizz and Adie – the metal incarnation of English Dogs – went up, a text was posted online.

It purported to be from Wakey (in the cap, photo), the leader of the punk line-up also currently using the bandname – offering to get physical with them for comments made in the interview. This was it:

With this in mind, Metalireland’s Chris Owens contacted Wakey for a chance to hear his side of the story. As you’ll read below, with a bit of cooling down, Wakey’s reconsidered his angry text.

He’s also released a new album as English Dogs (‘We Did, We Do, We Always Fucking Will’) which is well worth your attention. It’s a raw, punky attack with Wakey’s madcap personality stamped all over it.

So, let’s begin – and let’s see what’s going on.


“Firstly I have to say thank you for allowing me the opportunity to have my say on what is rapidly becoming an extremely messy and ugly situation regarding there being two English Dogs” he begins. “And secondly anyone who knows me, will know I pride myself on my honesty. Having just read Gizz and Adie’s ridiculous version of events and their unbelievable and egotistical account of self-importance, the need to bop them on the hooter when next we meet is strong.

Why did you decide to ‘restart’ the band in 2002?

I’ve weaved in and out of at least four different versions of English Dogs over the last 33 years. Each time I’ve left, it was not because I was bored with punk or that I did not love my band, it’s always been because English Dogs has been riddled with cancerous rock star wannabes, and I’ve always refused to compromise my principles and share the same stage with such wankers.

In 2002 it felt right and out of nothing more than respect I asked Pinching and Butt if they were interested. The former dismissed me with an arrogant snort and Butt made so many unreasonable demands there was no way I wanted to be anywhere near that fool.

Why a 12 year wait for ‘We Did…’?

When I reformed the Dogs in 2002 it was good to have Jon (Murray, guitar) and Wattie (Mark Watson, bass) on board but no-one seemed keen to sail the slow boat to China, that is writing and recording a quality album.

So we banged out a 6-track EP Tales from the Asylum and each line-up that followed resulted either EP’s or 3 split singles. All of which we are currently banging on one CD and that will be available when we expect to tour the U.S.A. in October.

Why did Jon and Wattie leave? Was it down to lack of interest in recording?

After the recording of ‘Asylum’ that line-up ploughed on for 3/4 years until Jon left after collapsing several times at gigs. Whilst I’m talking about Jon, I’m always shocked but never really surprised, that he never gets the credit he really deserves.

Me and him worked beautifully together in the early days, we wrote all the music for ‘Mad Punx…’ and ‘…Porky Men’ whilst I penned all but a handful of the lyrics! He had a way of constructing a song that even into the metal phase was to be admired. Our current guitarist Nick was his replacement. A pretty boy genius but don’t be fooled by that, he’s a Hong Kong Phooey type, hard fucker!

I walked out on that line-up for a year – yet again both Wattie and Stu, the drummer, did my head in with their dodgy politics and twisted ways. They continued without me for 3 gigs then went tits up. Then slowly me and Nick rebuilt the band to the current line-up, and man alive what a bunch of blokes, warm, honest, talented and my brothers.

Tell us about the recording of the new album.

As I mentioned before recording an album is a massive undertaking but when I heard that them lot were writing an album it had to be done. There followed 14 months of absolute obsession.

I would wake up in the night jotting ideas down then in the morning singing them to Nick over the phone. We all live hundreds of miles away from each other and the bare bones of each song were started this way.

A top geezer called Nunny Dave put the money up and Carl at Zoo Studios worked his magic. We invited high profile guests who were keen to be involved. We set very high standards and a rule that no two songs would be the same.

I knew if the metal album would have been better than ours, I would have walked. Happily that wasn’t the case as by all accounts ‘The Thing with Two Heads’ is a sorry heap of shit, ha ha ha!! I actually have no beef with the two brothers, I don’t know ’em and they’re quite possibly decent geezers and they don’t seem to get involved with this mess.

There’s a new band logo for ‘We Did…’ Was this intentional?

The change of font just had to be done. The old one was stale whilst our new one has freshness and honesty about it and oozes punk. And when Pinching told me there was room for both bands I thought a change of logo would help to clarify. He even suggested both bands could tour together! Blimey, that would have been a tense affair. DEATH TO THE DOGS. Ha ha ha!

Can you elaborate on the tour comment?

A couple of years ago he rang me out of the blue and talked at length about the distinctive possibility of both bands touring together in the U.S., South America, Japan and Europe. To be honest it was a tempting offer, I mean in this world of rock n roll where almost everything has been done…except for a double headlining tour with bands of the same name playing different styles of music.

But how would it be possible when there’s so much animosity between the bands and lets face it, it could have spilt into the audience and no-one wants that. But yes Pinching definitely said there was room for both bands. And as you can see on their website they go under English Dogs metal and on ours with new font, English Dogs Punk Fucking Rock.

What are the circumstances that have lead to the situation where we now have two English Dogs?

Oooh, that’s a thorny little question …. we’ve always had a gentleman’s agreement, or so I thought, that if any incarnation of the Dogs was treading the boards they would respectfully be left to get on with it until which time they decided to stop.

Then and only then the baton would be passed on, thus causing no friction or confusion. Seven years ago I finally lost patience with Pinching.

I’m sure they will tell you they had unfinished business and a suitcase of new material so splendid, that when played ordinary musicians would cry and hospitals full of cancerous patients would be cured.

Adie Bailey has said that the band who are signed to Candlelight Records own the name English Dogs. If that is the case, then how can you get away with releasing records under the name?

Poor Adie is so easily led. Did he ever tell you it was me who recommended him as my replacement? Sorry, I digress. Back in the day it was me who thought up the name English Dogs but it never crossed my mind or even thought it necessary to register it as my property.

Only a blaggard with devious intentions would do such a thing, surely? I find it incredible that anybody could question my right to be in my own band, to gig, to write and record mine and my band brothers’ material.

Those poor sods really are clutching at straws. They hold no cards, have little talent, come on you must have read the reviews and oh my god that video! I laughed so hard I literally shit my pants. English Dogs belongs to me as it belongs to Pinching, Jon Murray and Wattie. I tell you who it don’t belong to…fuck ’em!

What response do you have to the comments that Gizz and Adie made about you in the last MI interview?

Oh my God, are you expecting me to comment on all there ridiculous and pathetic comments? I’m a 53 year old punk Buddhist musician not a gullible child !! Ask me some sensible questions. How about you take it as a given them lot are lies?

Did you send that text to Gizz?

Yeah, I sent Mr. butt a threatening text and he went public. Is nothing sacred? Now I’ve had time to reflect and I ain’t full of cider, I wished I hadn’t. Violence in all its forms unless really necessary appals me.

But this man has insulted me so many times over the last 20 years and I’ve always kept my dignity. You have to remember over the same period him and Pinching have travelled the world and enjoyed the high life.

In Pinching’s case with The Damned, in Butt’s case as a good session musician. They didn’t care about silly old English Dogs then, whilst I plugged away quite happy in a transit van with occasional jaunts abroad.

And now they are telling me they own the name and me and my band are to fuck off. I rang him a year ago after he bleated more nonsense and asked him to stop it. I challenge anyone to keep their cool after such provocation. I won’t hit him or Bailey. Nothing would be gained from that.

Any final words?

My final say on this whole unsavoury business is that I’ve kept quiet until now but have felt the need to shout loudly my grievances in the hope that now both bands can crack on with separate careers without shouting abuse at one and other.

But if they do have the clout to put an end to our career, and I do emphasise if, it would be an extremely sad day for me and my band and our army of fans all over the world. And would show without doubt they were running scared of our talent and popularity.

I suggest if you ain’t heard ‘We Did We Do We Always Fucking Will’…pop out and get yourself a copy. Should you be disappointed in any way do yourself a favour and come to one of our shows, bring the CD to the merch table where you’ll be greeted by my pretty wife of 30 years, Sally, without any quibble she’ll give you a refund!

– Christopher Owens ::: 22/08/14

  1. Honestly, who the feck cares?

  2. So this bloke gets pissed on cider and threatens to beat people up because he does’nt like them. And he is 53.
    What a complete wanker. And there music is garbage.

  3. Black Shepherd Says:

    Metal Ireland goes tabloid… oh, and look who’s behind the article!

  4. Yeah in fairness, couldn’t give a fuck. Who even are these lads?

  5. Doesn’t his wife Sally have the words “English Dogs” tattooed in the old font on her baps or am I just imagining that? That must be galling that now that Wakey’s version has a new logo.

    And to everyone else if you don’t like or haven’t heard the band why even click on the article to comment?

  6. Black Shepherd Says:

    I neither like nor have heard of any individual cast member of Geordie Shores, but you can be sure that if an article relating some bitching between them appeared on MI I’d have something to say about it.

  7. strong reaction Says:

    I think we should have a Punk section.

  8. Larl Keavey Says:

    Sensational reporting! What a scoop!

  9. Tezcatlipoca Says:

    I can’t wait for the next episode of this. I read a leaked spoiler somewhere that claimed Wakie and Adie are actually brothers, and Wattie has some harsh but truthful words for Gizz when he discovers that his Taiwanese fiancee is only interested in marrying him for his hundreds of pounds.

  10. El Rostro De La Muerte Says:

    Both bands are shit anyway!

  11. daily mirror shite.

  12. ?

  13. great to hear pete wakefield still strutting his
    music great stuff

  14. Ricky Hoover Says:

    Wakefield needs a good kicking. He is a complete non talented arse. His new stuff doesn’t even compare to classic Dogs. Uninteresting drivel
    Wot a cunt

  15. i’m sure if this idiot had any talent or people that could actually play he’d be touring with a scab lineup doing “Forward” too. Nobody cares about Invasion of the Turd LP Wakey go F yourself!

  16. One word comes to mind at the mention of English Dogs and that’s Wakey . Simple as . Heavy metal dogs just don’t belong

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