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Today Is The Day | ‘Animal Mother’

At their best they’re flattening. But one thing that Today Is The Day just dont have going for them is consistency.

In terms of the quality and direction of their records, they’re just all over the place. From the giddy heights of ‘In The Eyes of God’, Steve Austin has burnt through several lineups trying to get something to stick. While ‘Sadness Will Prevail’ is still held up as a valiant effort, the rest are hit and miss.

Not least their last album, which just sounded a bit to loose for comfort.

Nonetheless, there’s a lot of anticipation around this, not least because they released the frankly brilliant ‘Masada’ as a single a while back. As Jamie remarked on the forums – it sounds like them. Which, given TITD’s caustic inidividualty, is exactly what we want.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to report that they’re back on more than solid footing with this. Make no mistake: it is not easy, is frequently frsutrating, and you also kind of have to be in the right mood – but when it clicks, which is one in every three listens, it’s thunderous.

The opening title track just sounds so serious, sober, huge, and full of intent. But it’s nothing compared to the album’s highlight that immediately follows it: ‘Discipline’. It is very easily one of the best tracks they’ve ever penned, with its lopsided groove and hateful vocal.

Those bendy, elastic notes are just superb.

‘Sick Of Your Mouth’ is heavy and pounding, while ‘Imprefection’ is a lot more frantic, with a dishevelled and acidic feel.

It’s an album of two halves, where possibly the first is better than the second. The mid point is an acoustic rendition of one of the songs that will follow later – perhaps an odd place to put it, and its merit is questionable. ‘Outlaw (Acoustic)’ could have been some sort of tag on.

‘Godcrutch’ is more atmospheric than anything else on here, with some interesting samples and starry tinkling. Uncharacteristic for this band. And after that, ‘Masada’, that cracking lead single, just slays it by sounding like something off ‘In The Eyes Of God’.

Again, after this, there’s a bit of a dip in the quality control to round it all out, and the final track ‘Bloodwood’ is just plain odd. I had to check that two songs hadnt loaded at once, it just sounded so all over the place. Perhaps a sonic collision was the point, but it fails.

Still – it is so good to have Today Is The Day back in such fine fettle. The drumming is interesting from the Brann Dailor school, the proudction is classic, tight late 90s noisecore (YES!), and Austin still sounds like the jack russell who’s pissed off enough to drink his own urine and puke it back at you.

It takes a lot, and I mean a lot of listens not to just hear this as a slightly jumbled and jarring mass. When you get past that thoughm, it’ll become something you go for on the walkman. I’ve now found myself reaching for it a fair bit after an initial period of total ‘meh’.

It’s really good, it’s heavy, and as the man said, it’s them again. And that matters, a lot.

3.9 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 19/10/14

  1. With regard to the acoustic version of “Outlaw” preempting the full band on later on the albun..I presumed it was a nod to “Temple Of The Morning Star” where they did the same thing with the title track

  2. Ah, I hadnt twigged that. I think it divides this album into two halves a bit more than it should.

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