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The Metal Insight Podcast #

Talking 'Dusk And Her Embrace' with CoF's old keyboardist Damien

Hear his memories - it's Podcast 12!

It’s a stone cold black metal classic. An album that brought the genre to the eager ears of thousands.

For many it’s still Cradle Of Filth’s high water mark – and a huge part of that was the amazing keyboard work. A generation has known about ‘Damien’, the man responsible for those incredible sounds. What many people dont know is that he’s from Northern Ireland.

Earl Grey tracked him down to hear his recollections about one of metal’s most amazing albums – and what it was like being in this one in a million band.

We talk about that classic photo shoot.

What it was like being in Cradle Of Filth at the height of their powers.

And how it feels to be part of a truly important metal album.

And once you’ve finished the podcast above – why not kick back and enjoy the album – once again!

We also talk to Louise Brown, editor of Iron Fist Magazine, as this episode closes. Make sure to check out the mag with their new digital PDF download!

  1. Thank you so much for this.

  2. well fiddle me silly, the boys from norn iron :p
    great interview thanks. i was climbing the walls waiting for dusk to come out at the time, was massively into COF then. brilliant album and vempire too, aggressive as

  3. paul keohane Says:

    Very good album, havent spun it in a while, such hype around this band in the mid/late 90s, I did lose interest after this album though.

  4. resonant paddy Says:

    This alum was my introduction to black metal. Fuckin classic. Really enjoyed that, fair play.

  5. Absolutely by delighted by this. Really great piece. Love Vempire and Dusk. Great to hear Greg’s point of view on the whole thing.

  6. slit your guts Says:

    Here’s a question Earl Grey can answer, does he still have long hair?

  7. Long gone!

  8. slit you guts Says:

    ahh mannnnn….

  9. Enjoyed that. Immediately stuck on Dusk after it, classic!

  10. The album which got me into Cradle. Funeral in Carpathia still sends shivers down my spine. Cruelty and the Beast had its moments but thereafter I lost interest. Arguably DAHE is the album which bought the whole genre of melodic balck metal to the masses. Remember picking it up for $5 second hand in Philadelphia back in ’97. An absolute steal!

  11. Enjoyed that. Cradle were a massive band for me when I was 15…I remember eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Dusk…’, and enjoyed it but found it less aggressive than ‘Vempire’ or ‘Principles…’ and lost interest in them pretty much after it, Cruelty was alright but by then I was listening to far heavier stuff. This feature has made me go back and listen to those first three in their entirety for the first time in years. Still think ‘Vempire’ is where it’s at for Cradle…great EP/album.

  12. Cool feature! The ‘From the Cradle to Enslave’ EP was the first I heard from them.

    More podcasts please, enjoyed the last few!

  13. Great interview. Still love that album to this day, a genuine classic British metal album.

  14. JordanRandall Says:

    Dusk is for sure within my top 5 albums if not my top 3, there is little more to be said about the pure evocative atmospheric power it holds. But I have to say this was a very fascinating and excellent interview, and I have to give compliments to the interviewer, I was quite impressed to see someone recognise the clear Sabbat influence in especially the lyrics haha. Its sad to hear how Damien left but glad to hear he has no bad thoughts on it, he seems like a very nice humble guy and truly deserves credit for his contributions!

  15. really enjoyed that! danis lyrics on the first three albums are amazing. i still think the cruelty and the beast line up was the best though!

  16. I saw them on tour promoting “Dusk” in Poland back in the day. Their live show was perfect. Opeth were supporting and turned out to be weak in comparison. Funny how times change. Anyways the lineup back then was their best.

  17. Very interesting. I was at that Dynamo festival were Cradle played…. pure lethal it was too! they had 45 mins or something in the afternoon and more pyros than the headliners hahaha

  18. Awesome, awesome interview! So much interesting information.
    Don’t agree on the Cruelty stuff though, my fav Cradle album!

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