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Slomatics / Holly Hunt | Split 7″

For what seems like the nth time this year, Slomatics come up trumps.

It’s one thing to be a prolific band, but its quite another to be consistent in the quality stakes. How the Belfast sludge lords do it, I just don’t know, because they’re getting better and better and better.

They may have only one track on this split with Miami’s Holly Hunt, but they make it count.

It follows the awesome vibe they laid out most recently on ‘Estron’ – a record still being feted everywhere – through a vintage-synth effected slow pulse, heavy as anything and still conveying a sense of the otherworldly.

Slow for the most part, just over half way through it steps up into a jauntier tempo that you don’t hear so much of from them. Then it pounds. Though it doesnt last too long, it’s absolutely infectious.

As ever, Slomatics’ warmth and roundness of tone are simply to be savoured.

Holly Hunt are similarly moreish in the tone department. In fact they’re sonically extremely similar to Slomatics, despite having a member of Floor in their ranks.

The excellently titled ‘Bill Ward’ is a nice slammer that, freed up from the need for vocals, concentrates on the percussive element of their sound. Like Slomatics, there’s a vintage Moog-esque synth doing its thing in occasional bursts in the background.

And again, like their peers, the track lifts its speed and weight for its closing section.

So the two tracks on this split are married perfectly.

Given that it’s only a 7″, you’re always left wanting more – it’s just the way. Yet as short as these tracks are by the bands’ normal standards, there’s a ton of pure heaviness and two genuinely satisfying songs to sate you til the next release proper.

3.2 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 06/12/14

  1. Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. The Slomatics song is class.The vocals are great.

  3. First time listening to these guys really digging this. Little late coming to the party but the review has made me delve deeper. Really impressed definitely worth some purchases!!!

  4. Slomatics really are ramping up the quality of their output with each subsequent release…great stuff.

  5. Eoin McLove Says:

    Defo. The prominence of vocals on the new stuff really works for me. Also, the guitar tone on that song is frightening. Quare jaab.

  6. class lads! that is indeed the quare jaaab!

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