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Album Of The Month January 2015
Crypt Sermon | ‘Out Of The Garden’

Every so often you hear an album that just slams you from its opening seconds.

You know, when you’re lucky enough to realize immediately that you’re just going to love this, and probably for a very long time. And that’s just the first listen.

It is nothing less than a pleasure to kick off a new year in heavy metal by telling you that Crypt Sermon have just made that album for you no matter what genres, or sub genres, you’re into. This is so good that it’s for absolutely everyone.

Like much of the best metal, describing what they do is quite simple. This record is effortless and exquisite pure doom metal with a very heavy emphasis on the metal.

They’re placed squarely at the more pumping and metallic end of the classic Candlemass sound – around about the best stuff on ‘Tales Of Creation’ in many instances.

Yet there is a very clear influence from Solitude Aeturnus in here, certainly in their slower numbers, but most prominently in the absolutely superb vocals of singer Brooks Wilson.

We need to take a moment to appreciate what he does here, because he is a large part of what makes this album so fantastic. He’s got real bite, real passion and a real dramatic flair. And if you think about that – the bite comes from a pronounced love of Dio (“all right!”), the passion from Solitude’s Rob Lowe, and the drama, naturally from Candlemass’ Messiah Marcolin.

And though there’s no musical comparison, he also sounds really really close to Control Denied’s Tim Aymar, who remains one of metal’s more underappreciated and brilliant singers. Loads of people will be wanting to hear more where that came from.

Brooks Wilson doesn’t simply copy his forebears. He is the next in their line.

And so what about the tunes? Well in a way it would be stupid to list them. They’re all absolutely excellent, crafted perfectly, recorded properly and sprinkled with what can only be described as metallic magic dust that you cant quite describe but that you know is there.

Their lead track ‘Heavy Riders’ though does deserve something of a special mention because it’s flattening, rich, thick and powerful in a way that you probably wont hear too many times this year. It’s just devastating.

‘Byzantium’ as well is pretty special, taking on that more mournful Solitude Aeturnus feel.

But this is mere nit-picking in an album of such obviously surpassing quality. The tone of the guitars is wonderful – warm, organic, played so you can hear the fretting and the filigrees, even the (few) fluffs that make it all so real.

On top of that the speedy and fluid leads recall King Diamond’s Andy LaRoque and of course Candlemass’ best as well.

I couldn’t rave about this album enough. As I said at the start, it doesn’t matter that this happens to be a pinnacle example of one particular niche – in this case true metallic Doom – it is so welcoming, infectious and real that it will please anyone with a grain of musical appreciation.

It’s also heavy as brick shithouse, groovy, charging, melodious, passionate and musically accomplished.

There is only one mark possible. It’s a pleasure to recommend it – buy it without hesitation.

What a way to kick in 2015!

5 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 02/01/15

  1. Vocals really remind me of psycho motel. Sounds good!

  2. pentagrimes Says:

    Ha, I was actually just a

  3. pentagrimes Says:

    Ha, I was actually just about to send Andy the promo of this to review!! Tis a great listen alright.

  4. That’s excellent. Must pick it up.

  5. Eoin McLove Says:

    Massive Trouble buzz off that tune. Not bad.

  6. It’ll be killer. Their demo tape was fantastic.

  7. Quality, be looking out for this one!

  8. Hearing a bit of Buzz Osbourne in the vocals too. Great song!

  9. nazgulbrian Says:

    …moreso the verse reminds me of the song A History Of Bad Men.

  10. justincredible Says:

    As Eoin mentioned above, there’s a nice Trouble vibe off that song and that’s a big tribute to Brooks Wilson because Eric Wagner is boss. I love it!
    Will deffo be purchasing this album, can’t wait to actually!

  11. Monk Stone Wielder Says:

    Good shiz here!

  12. Kieronunsilence Says:

    This isn’t at all bad. But it isn’t 5/5.

  13. Fuckin hell! That knocked me sideways. Off to track it down now. Unreal.

  14. Sounds great, cannot find where to buy it though

  15. Not out ’til later this month, man.

  16. I enjoyed that track ‘Heavy Riders’. Another Dark Descent release, these guys have a serious midas touch.

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