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What It’s Like Seeing Machine Head In A Tiny Dublin Club

Just before Christmas, a bunch of unsuspecting rockers got a pretty unforgettable treat.

Punters in Dublin’s Fibber Magees rock bar after Machine Head’s gig at the Academy couldnt believe it when the band themselves turned up to play an unannounced secret gig. Nice!

We tracked down one of those very punters – a Daniel Byrne, who’s been cool enough to tell the rest of us what we missed. And we even managed to find a photo of this rare spectacle as well.


Photo by Instagram user czechingoutofhere

First off, how did you find out they were going to be at Fibbers? Did you just end up there by accident?

Originally there was just a hope they would since well it was the last gig of the year so there had to be something special, it wasn’t until they showed up that everyone found out, bar the fibbers sound engineer who after I talked to Dave’s Drum Tech, Billy I found out that he had planned it about 4 hours before it happened. I was going there for a drink with friends anyways.

How did it become apparent something out of the ordinary was happening?

Well when my friend told me Machine Head was upstairs and me and my friend Dylan went up and just stood there looking at Robb and Dave like “holy shit man they’re actually here”, when I was talking Robb and he said they were doing a little covers gig it like “what for real?” and then he nodded me on stage the whole time singing my leg just shook the whole time it was insane!

What was the reaction when people clocked that Machine Head were about to do a set?

Everyone was like “omg really this is so awesome” and my mate who’s bands equipment Robb, Jared and Dave used were just like “holy shit we just opened for Machine Head” when they were the headline of the gig that night haha, I don’t think anyone could believe it we were all just shellshocked.

Can you remember much of what they played? What was the highlight?

My highlights would be getting called up to sing a verse of ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ as well as ‘Walk’ but sadly when I went up for ‘Walk’ everyone tried to get up too and the mic was lost, after that no one was called back up haha.

Also during ‘Creeping Death’ Robb put his and on my head and we both sang the bit he had done it at. Can’t forget Jared accidentally knocking me the head with the head of the bass, we both had a laugh about that.

Machine Head’s Fibber Magees Setlist

War Pigs (Black Sabbath cover)
Iron Man (Black Sabbath cover)
The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears
The Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden cover)
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden cover)
Walk (Pantera cover)
Creeping Death (Metallica cover)
Territory (Sepultura cover)
The Trooper (Iron Maiden cover)

Were they actually good, or did it have the vibe of a post show jam?

They we’re good in my opinion because Robb said they were drunk and he could only sing a little bit after a two and a half hour gig so if someone wanted to come up and sing they could but playing wise was perfect and it didn’t matter everyone knew the songs and just wanted to go mental, I mean alot of the people there probably weren’t even from the gig but there was a great vibe.

Did you ever think you’d get to see something like that?

Nope, I never even thought I’d get to meet the band let alone have them play a small set on the stage I’ve played on or get to sing on stage with them, it was just a dream come true night.

Earl Grey, with thanks to Daniel Byrne and Czechingoutofhere ::: 05/01/15

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  1. Hahahaha. That reads like a Waterford Whispers article.

  2. What matt said

  3. “everyone was like omg really this is so awesome”

  4. totes jelly xoxox

  5. MailOrderRide Says:

    “the whole time singing my leg just shook the whole time it was insane”


  6. deeeznuuuts Says:


  7. Black Shepherd Says:

    Was this interview conducted by text message? Was it so important to publish that even the most cursory of editing couldn’t be carried out?

    “Get her up, get her clicked.” ct

  8. Andy/bottle Says:

    The highlights were being patted on the head by Flynn and getting a dunt off the bass by accident. Tells you all you need to know!

    Ah in fairness I’d say it was a class night and fair play to MH. You can’t really knock this sort of thing. But this is MI and it has a reputation to uphold!!!

  9. Machine FUCKIN Head OMG Amazeballs \m/\m/\m/\m/

  10. Martin Wyer Says:

    Sometimes I’m like ‘Yes Yes Yes! This rocks!’ Other times I switch it up and am like ‘No No No! Don’t stop rockin!'”


  11. nazgulbrian Says:

    dawals says:
    “Machine FUCKIN Head OMG Amazeballs \m/\m/\m/\m/”



  13. madra's Bollocks Says:

    Was at both gigs was class nights craic. The lads were well pissed but fuckin hell put on a good show in fibbers. Got pic taken with the boys well chuffed was a broken man the next day but fuckin well worth it!

  14. For fuck sake. Venue wrong, set list wrong, interviewed a child.
    Waterford Whispers indeed.

  15. Dan – not sure what the issue is – the venue was Fibbers, no?

    The setlist is also referenced here:

    And what is wrong with being young?

  16. sounds like fun and that is the point. if you stop having fun you lose it… stop doing it.

  17. I was there purely by accident. Was in fibbers smoking area and met some friends who dragged me downstairs. Turned out to be a class night, was essentially an informal jam session but the atmosphere was great. Everyone was pissed including the band. It was cool to hear some classic metal tracks played by good musicians. Descended into madness near the end with randomers just screaming into a mic, but it was that kinda night. The teenage me would have shat himself at the prospect of an intimate gig with MH. Too old and too cold to care that much now, but was a mighty fun night.

  18. Machine Head have a link to this interview up on their FB page today. Wonder if Flynn had a look through the comments?
    “Haterz r my motivatorz”

  19. Bap "My hole's beefy" McConville Says:

    In stitches. Me and raab smoked a few ceremonials after and had a barney about when we roadied for Davvy Lee Roth in 90′. Some craick hai, havn’t seen height nor hair avvim since the Metallica gig in the melting pot, gd times hai.

  20. Shnabsley "Pass the chowder" Patterson Says:

    You sed it Bap. That’s how she goes! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Fuck hai if I havn’t heard a racket like it in years! She quare blew the cobwebs off let me tell ye, more Metal gigs to Ireland please but keep me away from thon hallion, she’s on my back for overdoing it on the Tennents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Steven "Any Corn?" MacGuyver Says:

    Ho-hooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shnabsley ya never let me down – Gullet on ya chief! One more for the road as she says!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Tertney "Gizzawhiff" Ohoolahanher Says:


  23. Dolly Farton Says:

    Exactly – Savaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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