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The Metal Insight Podcast #

In The Woods are reforming! Hear it from drummer Anders in this Podcast

We 'HEart' In The Woods

They were perhaps Norway’s strangest band. Their classic album ‘HEart Of The Ages’ still beguiles and riddles to this day. After years of magic, we thought they’d packed it in. Well…. think again.

In The Woods… are coming back.

And pretty much none of us can really guess what on earth their new music will sound like. The only thing that’s certain is that it’ll be required listening for anyone into challenging, strange, tripping sounds.

Lorcan Archer tracked down drummer Anders Kobro to find out exactly what’s going on – and to reflect on 20 years of one of the underground’s defining albums.

Never Heard Them Before? Don’t Worry.

Below is the full album ‘HEart Of The Ages’. This was nothing short of a revolution when it came out on the respected Misanthropy label (Burzum, Primordial, Mayhem etc) in the mid 90s. It was an album that truly opened minds. Relax, get into it, and you’ll come to love it.

They Made It To Ireland, Didn’t They?

They sure did, waaaaay back in the mists of time alongside a youthful Katatonia. Here are some old photos from those shows, with a few courtesy of resident hoarders Pat Clancy and Gordon O’Sullivan.

What Else Should I Listen To?

After you’re done with HEart, we’d really recommend you listen to ‘Omnio’. It’s a touch more experimental but also warmer, rounder and a bit more rockier in places as well.

The new album is apparently going to come out on France’s Debemur Morti label, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated on what will be the next chapter in this band’s fascinating musical story.

Produced & Reported by Lorcan Archer ::: 10/02/14

  1. Killer, man.

  2. Thanks!

    Also, for anyone wondering about the odd capitalisation of ‘HEart of the Ages’, that was clarified as being very deliberate in a follow-up question:

    “No, it is not a mistake. The HEart with the capital letters, [allows you to] read it as heart of the ages, without HE, it can be read as “art of the ages”.

  3. Crackin’ interview. Looking forward to more podcasts.

  4. Great feature a mixture between pink floyd and bathory is always what I tought about that album !

  5. enjoyed that. I cherished that album (still do) and was mightly pissed when I lent it to a mate and it came back with dinges in the digipak! I think I stopped lending discs out after that :p

  6. from that first picture it looks like he is smoking intravenously.

    heart and omnio are timeless classic s .strange in stereo is very good too but not on a par with the previous ones .

    not holding out much for new material .

  7. nice onelorcan.. never knew about the avantgarde thing…

  8. And that was at the height of Avantgarde’s best signings as well – they dropped the ball on that one alright.

  9. Pariah Child Says:

    Fascinating insight! Have to respect their design to decline playing live before they have the album out there.

    Still not sure how I feel about the return or what to expect. I genuinely hope they deliver where so many others have faltered.

  10. That gig in Charlie’s was good fun, VoD from south africa supported as well.

  11. […] We had a good run last year, but I’ve lined up some interviews and features for 2015 that I can’t wait to share. First up, an exclusive interview with those Norwegian heroes, In The Woods, who have just reformed. Full podcast and comments are here. […]

  12. The 2 first live pictures above were taken during the french show in november 1996. They are both courtesy of Frank Arnaud (Decibel Storm).

  13. Indeed, and many thanks to Frank – these were the ones forwarded to us by Anders and we’re grateful to have them. 🙂

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