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The Metal Insight Podcast #

Dave Lombardo left Slayer to play moody post grunge. What gives?

Hear him explain all in our podcast

He’s the metal legend who’s gone from the tight aggression of Slayer – to a new band channelling the power trios of the 60s.

Let’s face it, none of you guys need any introduction to this legend of drumming.

What’s interesting though is what Dave Lombardo is doing now. His new band Philm really deserves a listen. They’re a tight three piece who fuse metal, grunge and a certain amount of ambience into a sound that’s full of dark atmosphere.

Dave chatted with me about what this new music means to him, and how it all came about.

Philm Me In – Where To Start?

Many metallers wont necessarily have heard Philm yet, but you’re in luck – they’ve only put out two albums to date.

Their first, ‘Harmonic’, got critical acclaim and featured the song I’ve used in the podcast – it’s called ‘Held In Light’, and it’s a good example of the band’s dynamic range.

Just at the end of last year though they released ‘Fire From The Evening Sun’, a much more ambitious and deeper record.

Both are chock full of those watery guitar tones and incredible bass playing. Dave is right when he talks about this band harking back to the classic power trios – what Philm have going on here really is a distilled energy that really punches through.

Philm play the The Button Factory, Dublin on Tues March 10. Dave Lombardo will also do a drum masterclass in the Voodoo, Belfast on April 2.

Podcast by Earl Grey ::: 07/04/15

  1. I like it, especially that track ‘Held In Light’.

  2. opensores Says:

    Have to say this passed me by. Really digging this will have to check these out properly.

  3. earl grey Says:

    I was surprised by the quality myself. I’d never have even heard of Philm to be honest before this. But after a few listens it really is most intriguing material, all the moreso because Dave’s usual style is so straight laced. This has more in common with Russian Circles, You Judas etc than anything in his past. A completely unexpected musical diversion. Good on him for not going down the obvious routes.

  4. earl grey Says:

    Although the start of ‘Held In Light’ does hint to ‘Criminally Insane’ 😉

  5. opensores Says:

    Now you’ve mentioned it O can’t get it outta my head.

    But yeah the very fact it’s so different is precisely why I like it that and it so well put together.Never been a huge fan is Slayer apart from the obvious albums but this beats anything they put out in a very long time!

  6. Tezcatlipoca Says:

    Sounds good. I’m happy to see that Lombardo moved away from Slayer as I’ve always found that he’s more versatile than Slayer’s style allows. His drumming with Fantomas is excellent.

  7. That ‘held in light’ track above is pure and utter SHIT…its sad how the mighty have fallen….to think this is the man that drummed on RIB an Seasons (2 of my all time favourite metal albums ever)…all is forgiven Paul Bostoph, stay where you are mate!

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