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Sigurd Wongraven - Satyricon

● Frost's new drumming
● That tour with Pantera
● His medical recovery

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The Metal Insight Podcast #

This guy runs Dark Descent - the hottest label in metal right now

We grab Matt Calvert for Podcast 16

This is no exaggeration: the Dark Descent record label has taken the underground by storm.

Its roster is incredible. Bands like Corpsessed, Entrails, Crypt Sermon and Thantifaxath are but a few who’ve found a home there – and each have put out albums that have made a big impact in their own genres.

So who is the guy with the midas touch that finds all these fantastic bands?

Meet Matt Calvert.

In this episode of the MI Podcast, Lorcan Archer gets behind the jewel case to find out what makes his label tick. How he finds and selects bands; what it was like getting started; and what his ambitions for the high quality label really are. It’s a fantastic and revealing insight.

The Irish Connection

Matt also tells us how connecting with Darragh from Ireland’s Invictus Productions in the early days helped him get this label sailing when other distros wouldn’t have taken the risk on him.

That’s the kind of thing the undergournd is all about – and why it still matters.

This is a great interview with the type of guy you dont really get to hear from much: the brains behind a label enjoying cult success that’s built on a fantastic ear for great underground metal.

It’s the way things used to be – when you used to know that if a label put something out, you had to buy it.

There aren’t a lot of labels like this around anymore – so make sure to listen to all of this podcast to hear Matt’s thoughts on it all.

Podcast produced and reported by Lorcan Archer ::: 21/03/15

  1. That was great!

  2. A great label. The first band I discovered from their roster is Krypts. Saw them live, brilliant. Then came Maveth… Long live Dark Descent…

  3. Kieronunsilence Says:

    The verse of the Crypt Sermon song sounds slightly like the verse of Whitesnake’ s “Still Of The Night”

  4. Insightful interview there

  5. cool

  6. Really enjoyed that interview, thanks a lot! For me, as just a fan, its great to get, as Bob says above, an insightful interview of a superb record label.

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