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Album Of The Month April 2015
Zatokrev | ‘Silk Spiders Underwater…’

I love it when bands make a leap of brilliance. When they make the jump from what they’ve been hinting at to who they truly are. When they bust the underground with that album.

Zatokrev, from Switzerland, have been more or less unheard of til now. Despite a great last album, and even the fact that they’ve already been to our own shores.

All this is about to change, for the simple reason that this album is about to catapult them to a great many of the ‘album of the year’ lists. That is, if there’s any justice in the world.

More than that though, it’s because they’ve just put out an album that fuses the pulsing, irresistable forward lean of Gojira with the atmospheric concentration and seriousness of Neurosis.

There are two factors you need to know to appreciate this album. The first is its weight and determination. The second is its beautifully underwaterness.

They got it right in the title. This is like a sort of submarine world sci-fi sound, full of strange creatures. You really want to hear ‘Loom’ for this – a beautiful, alien, wave-ripple-like beat underpins its main hook, building broodily to an absolutely slamming pulsation of pure metal pummel.

What most people wil latch on to however is the album’s most accessible and indeed most immediate track – the majestic, Gojira-esque ‘Bleeding Island’.

Make no mistake. On the strength of this colossal track, Zatokrev could command festivals, tour continents and reduce clubs to rubble. It’s that good. It contains a riff for the ages.

It’s enough of a reason to get this album. Yet though its the most initially satisfying, time reveals it not to be the best track on here. Between the aforementioned ‘Loom’ and ‘Phantom’ we see what Zatokrev are really about with this album.

And that is the link to the cover art. They’ve constrcuted a fantastical oddworld here, a sort of Poe or Jules Verne exploration that they allow us to visit. ‘Discoloration’s tremulous lead vamp hints also at this strange impending doom.

As I said at the start, I love it when a band reaches its breakthrough moment, and Zatokrev’s is here and now.

Everything about this album rules, from the beautiful expanse of warm, woozy tone in the instruments to the sheer amount of ideas they’ve got in here. From Neurosis to Gojira, Mastodon (‘Discoloration’) to True Widow all via so many more wonderful, immersive influences (Unmothered and You Judas), Zatokrev have really really caught a vibe with this album.

Then, when you think it cant get better, they only go and put the pedal to the metal way late in the album as a show of absolute confidence in their own construction. And how it kills! ‘Swallow The Teeth’ is absolutely flattening.

Like all the greats, it is wonderfully absorbed whole, and drunk. For it allows to you in to delight and almost feel around each track: getting into them with your whole head, you just want to look around and grope around the world of these sea-caves they create with the guitars.

It’s amazing.

So get it without delay. I cant recommend it highly enough. Albums like this are rare, and no matter what they do, their next one – even if its better – wont have this one’s charm. This is what we’re in the underground for.

5/5 – Earl Grey ::: 14/04/15

  1. Fantastic band, will have to pick this new one up.

  2. HumanJigsaw Says:

    Album of the year!

  3. Couldn’t agree more

  4. Just so you know, on the home page the band name is showing as ‘Zakotrev’

  5. Can’t wait to hear this in it’s entirety! Good review.

  6. Standuppaul Says:

    Going to see these boys on Sunday, hope they have copies of this with them!


  7. @Standuppaul they will and new tshirts, look savage.

    That show is in Minsk isn’t it?

    No Irish dates atm but they’re mad to come back again so hopefully not to long off 😀

  8. Standuppaul Says:

    It’s not in Minsk, but it’s WITH Minsk. 🙂 It’s in Lausanne.

    Do they have it on vinyl?


  9. Yeah I couldn’t edit the comment 😛

    Don’t think so, at least not yet anywho.. they had for the last album but seeing that this album was crowd funded I don’t think they put it in the budget to do vinyls. Maybe down the road they might??

  10. Seen these guys live twice in Cork, and it was mind-blowing, both times! Sound lads as well…great last album, can’t wait to check this out..

  11. “Loom” and “Discoloration” are both fantastic tracks. Not completely convinced on how the whole album hangs together at the moment but have only given it a first listen. Would love to catch some of this live.

  12. “They Stay in Mirrors” is a personal favourite of mine.

    This just sounds like what I think Neurosis should be doing but aren’t of late. Fantastic stuff all round.

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