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The Metal Insight Podcast #

Podcast #17 - Vicotnik: enigmatic master of Norse black metal

DHG and Ved Buens Ende genius

He is one of the most enigmatic musicians in Black Metal – the man behind some of its most intriguing and challenging albums.

He is Yusaf Parvez – otherwise known as Vicotnik.

As the main songwriter in Dodheimsgard, he’s just put out the absolutely mindblowing ‘Ad Umbra Omega’, which itself got album of the month here at the start of the year.

But he also has an amazing life story in Black Metal.

From New Delhi To Norway

Coming to Norway from New Delhi, he was part of the early and mid 90s scene in Oslo which gave us some of the biggest characters and best albums in the genre.

He was part of writing some of them – most notably Ved Buens Ende’s classic ‘Written In Waters’.

Yusaf shared his thoughts on the magical new Dodheimsgard album with Metalireland, as well as giving us an incredible insight into how this true outsider made his way through the Norse scene of the 90s.

Written In Waters

He also reflects upon his time in Ved Buens Ende – how it formed his musical vision and what it meant to be in a band that created such a legendary album.

Never heard it? Dont worry – it’s now an incredible 20 years old, but it’s still got some of the most extraordinary riffs and beats in the entire genre. Enjoy it here in full so that you can really get a sense of what Yusaf has to say in this fantastic and insightful chat.

If you’re an old fan, you’ll love this. Who needs an excuse to listen to it again, right?

Earl Grey ::: 01/05/15

  1. ‘He is one of the most enigmatic musicians in Black Metal’

    He’s what? hole…never heard of the fucker…and by the sounds of that shite, never wanna hear from him again, thats about as black metal as fuckin Bon Jovi.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Shithead alert !!! We have a Shithead in the house , if you don’t know this band / man /artist and say it’s not black metal ,you are defo the biggest Shithead since the word Shithead was invented !!

  3. dr.gonzo Says:

    heuz2000 you have to have joking. Written in Waters is a bona fide masterpiece. Cool interview.

  4. Cool interview, he sounds like a cool guy with a real sense of his own artistic goals. The Earl sounds like Sarah Koenig’s metal loving younger bro…

  5. Dodheimsgard were always known for jumping on the latest band wagon… what is this nonsense about them being so original… they started a pure black metal band delivering a great but unoriginal demo and album, then as soon as the thrash image emerged more, they adopted it and pushed it, then when moonfag crew were getting all industrial and millenium-y they decided to become ‘avantgarde’ and technology driven… no doubt VBE is fantastic, but it was never Black Metal

  6. great feature

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