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The Metal Insight Podcast #

Podcast #18 - Neurosis man Steve Von Till gets back to his roots

The simpler life - as an Idaho teacher

Everyone knows that Neurosis are one of the most intense bands in the world.

But being intense doesn’t always mean having to sound like the beginning of the apocalypse.

Through the last decade, Steve Von Till has released a succession of rich, ruminative and introspective solo albums mostly in a quiet acoustic format – mirroring the changes going on in his life.

He’s moved out of the Oakland that spawned Neurosis and onto twelve acres of rural Idaho.

That change finds itself reflected in his latest album – the immersive ‘A Life Unto Itself’, which evokes the beauty of Western America as well as the stories and lives that made it.

Listening To The Teacher

In this podcast, I chat to Steve about the differences between what he’s trying to say in Neurosis and his own vastly different solo work.

We talk about what inspires him; his move out of San Francisco to Idaho; his fascination with ancestry and his life now as an elementary teacher.

Steve is an enormously thoughtful guy who takes his time over everything. To say he has thought a lot about his place in life is something of an understatement.

So grab a warm cuppa, and spend some time listening to his experiences. He’s really worth listening to, as a the most challenging of metal musicians come out the other side.

Late Night Music

If you’ve never heard Steve’s solo stuff, you’re in for a treat. It all started back in 2000 with the release of ‘As The Crow Flies’. It’s a masterpiece, really.

As we talk about in the podcast, it’s little more than Steve in his apartment with an acoustic guitar, late at night. It’s uncomfortably close, but grows with every single listen.

(You can get ‘As The Crow Flies’ here on iTunes here. Awesome album.)

A Life Unto His Own

Fastforward a few albums and his new one has a much greater variety of tone.

It’s got some very moody electronics that really add to the atmosphere.

Overall though, it speaks more to that golden vision of an older or more rural America, full all corn fields and long roads into the sunset.

Yet there are new influences in here that reflect Steve’s interest in Celtic forms, as well as a slight leaning into the psychedelic as well.

A Life Unto Itself’ is just €6.99 on iTunes now. Grab it.

So enjoy this podcast, and enjoy the insights of one of metal’s more profound thinkers. It’s worth remembering occasionally just how inspirational Neurosis have been. No-one sounds like them because no-one can sound like them.

It’s down to men like Steve who follow no-ones path but their own.

Just as small post script: you’ll notice that the Metalireland Podcast now has a new name. From here on in it’s the Metal Insight podcast produced and distributed by MI.

You can get us on iTunes, Stitcher and of course here through Soundcloud. We’re going to keep bringing you amazing musicians and insights, so subscribe through these apps, and enjoy!

Earl Grey ::: 12/07/15

  1. Brilliant, insightful interview.

  2. owenofhexxed Says:

    Great interview, deep guy

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