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Unleashed | ‘Dawn Of The Nine’

When the nuclear winter finally comes, only bands like Unleashed will be left to gig to the cockroaches.

They are among the most indestructible and consistent death metal bands around, having been plugging away since basically the start of the genre.

They’re often imitated too. Where do you think Amon Amarth got most of their ideas from? And remember everyone went nuts for Hail Of Bullets a few years ago – didn’t that sound a bit familiar?

Of course it did, because it was essentially an album of jizzed up Unleashed standards. With bands like this, you know what you’re going to get, and you get it hard.

Johnny and the boys are in fine form on this new one, playing the kind of death metal real men make. That means none of your gravity blasts, and real riffs only.

No Modern Cack

That’s not to say these songs are slow. In fact its the complete opposite. They course forward at a speedy pace, reminiscent to all fans of the 90s Swedish death metal sound.

They just aren’t polluted with disinterested clicking, like a ton of modern stuff.

Catchiness is a by word for most of these numbers. ‘The Came To Die’ does what it says on the tin, maybe uttered to much as a chorus line perhaps, but the melodious charge of it all is class. It has a great breakdown as well.

What is fast is the totally punishing ‘Where Is Your God Now’, probably the hardest number on here that just gathers momentum with every second until that chorus just erupts.

Variety isn’t really what Unleashed are about, so that’s not really a highpoint of this one. Neither is dynamic, though there are the odd clean guitar moments here and there.

Let The Hammer Fly

But that’s made up for by the sheer consistency of the tracks, and their satisfaction with which they’re belted out. ‘The Bolt Thrower’ has a decent slowdown and a good narrative (as you might imagine, with that name) as well as a cool wailing solo and a decent hammer horror atmosphere.

Another ravager is ‘Let The Hammer Fly’ (class name!) which immediately calls to mind a warring viking doing his absolute boldest when you hear it. It’s made for the pit.

It’s a rock solid release for fans of old, proper death metal unsullied by kids with side partings and flesh tunnels, and that reminds you just what a knack these old bands had (and have) for penning a decent ditty.

So if you’re into Amon Amarth and want a bit more of that kind of melodic charge, get in your longboat and sail to this.

3.5/5 – Earl Grey ::: 23/07/15

  1. Another solid album by Unleashed. You always know what you’re going to get with them and it’s always good, decent death metal.

  2. resonant paddy Says:

    Fuckin whopper band. Just can’t fault them. Looking forward to this.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i cant believe they called a song the bolt thrower .

    they have been very hit and miss for a long time now and have released some downright turds like hells unleashed .i thought midvinterblot and hammer battalion were decent but the one after that was useless.

    first three albums are all you really need from unleashed.

  4. Unleashed… Consistent!?! You have heard “Victory” and “Warrior” right? Those rank among the worst DM albums ever… pure skitter

  5. once the other guitarist(frederic lindgren) left around 1995 things went down hill as far as the quality of riffs .

    some of the stuff they have put out since has been embarrassing to say the least .

  6. wobblechops Says:

    Having never heard them before I think that song is pretty catchy

  7. Paul keohane Says:

    There was nothing embarrassing about Midvinterblot!,incredible album,the one after that was very good too.

  8. I really like this Album, and of their recent output Midvinterblot is a Great Album – really hope they play here soon

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