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The Metal Insight Podcast #

Podcast #19 - Agalloch guitarist remembers their dark metal classic

Digging 'Of Stone, Wind and Pillor'

They are one of the master bands in the Dark Metal genre.

Agalloch have ploughed their own furrow, taking the sounds of forest and the field, and weaving majestic metal throughout.

In this episode of the Metal Insight Podcast, we talk to their guitarist Don Anderson.

We’re particularly interested in their awe inspiring EP from way back in 2001, which has just got a re-release: the beautiful and haunting “Of Stone, Wind And Pillor”.

It’s one of those releases you just have to have in your collection.

Taking You Back – MI’s 2001 Review

This is what we had to say about ‘Of Stone Wind And Pillor’ waaaaaay back… a decade and a half ago.

“From the earthy, solid tones through to the naturalistic artwork we are treated to an eminiently satisfying package of mournful laments and autumnal dirges.”

That whole review is here.

We gave it full marks back then.Not least for the excellent cover they did of Sol Invictus’ ‘Kneel To The Cross’ – it’s standout track.

But since that time, the band have released a slew of great albums, most notably their excellent ‘The Mantle’.

It’s been a long journey for Don and his bandmates, taking the project from a reclusive studio based project to a regularly touring outfit.

We hope you enjoy this edition.

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Earl Grey ::: 12/07/15

  1. Cool interview. Such a massive EP.

  2. Saw them a couple of weeks ago in Glasgow. Excellent gig. Great set-list. Would travel to see them again.

  3. that EP got many many plays back then. great band, good podcast. cheers.

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