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Graveyard Dirt | ‘My Scourge, My Plague’

There’s only one thing that needs said about this new opus from Graveyard Dirt, and indeed it’s the best thing you could say.

It that it sounds like absolutely vintage Graveyard Dirt.

That’s enough for me.

Indeed it’s enough to commend it to any right thinking lover of real music and real metal. Once again, what they have done verges on bona fide Doom perfection.

This is not overstating the case. Here is why.

A Heritage Act

Graveyard Dirt are considered by now something of a heritage Irish act, given their longstanding and their pedigree. Many though mightn’t have heard them before – in which case you really are in luck.

What Graveyard Dirt do is something that many longtime doom bands have lost the ability to do.

They evoke past times, a misty, ivy laced gothic fantastia, sublime melancholy and that mysteriously uplifting spirit of desolation that the best doom somehow brings.

They sound classically English, not Irish, in the best My Dying Bride, Solstice and Anathema modes, yet with their own absolutely distinctive bent.

What’s more they have an acute ear for a riff and a lead melody.

A Haunting Smile

Each of these three new tracks is brimming with some of the best stuff they’ve done.

Those crunching chords, bellowed vocals and weaving lead lines work their way into you in mere moments, to stay with you for weeks on end.

‘Her Haunting Smile’ swoons to the beat of crushing, proper Doom the way it should, indeed must, be done. A brooding lament, full of portent, a proud, chin up, determined dirge.

There are nice updates on their classic sound in here too.

The vocals on ‘The Sirens Refrain’ for example sound angrier and delivered with more vim than before, and that deliberately distressed / crackled vocal treatment on the main chorus hook is really very effective.

Same Olde, Same Olde

Yes, you could (and should) say that it’s not different enough from their past releases. That is true. It isn’t. Each of these tracks follows their established template almost to the beat, to the measure.

While for some bands that would be an issue, for these guys it’s nothing short of an accolade. Because what more could you want than music this excellent?

Frankly the fact that it sounds almost exactly like their last few credits it all the more to your collection.

Acquire this the moment you finish this sentence. It is all the dewy, autumnal awesomeness we have come to expect from them.

4.7/5 – Earl Grey ::: 15/09/15

  1. Fantastic release. Looking forward to getting the physical edition. As you said, it sounds absolutely like you’d expect and hope it to sound, ie. it sounds exactly like Graveyard Dirt. There is such class in the music.

  2. Class, restraint, quality, poise… they have all of it.

  3. Best Irish band of all time.

  4. Yup, probably my fav Irish underground band, this sounds great as Id expect…

  5. never heard a note by these lads. Hope it’s as good as the description

  6. Yep one of my favourite irish bands. Its fantastic.

  7. Pretty good stuff. From my first listen, there’s a well structured classic doom vibe going on, which I like for a change. One to add to the ‘physical purchase’ wishlist.

  8. resonant paddy Says:

    It’s a pity they can’t gig of late because there ain’t another irish band that can touch them when it comes to emotive brilliance. Another perfect release, congratulations fellas.

  9. ordered straight away .made me dig out the demo for a listen on the way to work this morning too.

  10. deadly deadly band

  11. justincredible Says:

    All the times I’ve been to Donegal and I never once bumped into these chaps. Fumin’ I am!

  12. Seán (BotS) Says:

    Deadly deadly band!! Cannot wait to get my hands on the physical release!

  13. Is this available in any of the shops in Dublin? Heading up next week so would be handy, ta.

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