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Glenn Hughes | Audio Interview

He’s 64 and still a hard, hard rocker.

He’s played with some of the most amazing rockers in the business. And he’s coming to Belfast shortly.

Glenn Hughes has a storied history, playing with Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Northern Ireland’s most fondly remembered – and much missed – virtuoso guitarist Gary Moore.

He played on Gary’s classic album ‘Run For Cover’ – a bit of a hard rock masterpiece, really. So I wanted to ask him about what that was like.

And he was refreshingly honest about Gary, as you can hear in this short interview. In fact… he says he loved him.

We also talked about where he was the night of Ronnie James Dio’s death: another sadly lost rock titan. Part of that story explains why he’s now taken the amazing Doug Aldrich out on the road as his guitarist for this tour.

And as anyone who’s seen Doug shred knows, that’s something you do not want to miss.

Anyway, enjoy this chat with Glenn. I found him full of energy for a guy of 64, sounding like he’s still able to put musicians half his age to shame.

Run For Cover

And here is that album – a bit of a trip down memory lane.

Check out Gary’s scorching guitar on it! Cracker stuff.

Glenn plays the Limelight 1, Belfast on 22 October.

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  1. sounds like a wasted opportunity to interview a rock legend-interviewer,s inexperience comes across clearly…Poor research and terrible questioning …..could have been so much better and delivered so much more…

  2. Apologies, Ancient One.

  3. Kieronunsilence Says:

    The sound quality of Glenn Hughes’ voice over the phone on this is utterly painful to listen to.

  4. Like your last album, then.

  5. Black Shepherd Says:

    Hahahaha – ouch!

  6. Kieronunsilence Says:

    But it was a struggle to pick out what he was saying and to keep listening to it. Rather than a podcast, the sensible option would have been to have typed it out.

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