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Sigurd Wongraven - Satyricon

● Frost's new drumming
● That tour with Pantera
● His medical recovery

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The Metal Insight Podcast #

"If you dont like it, f*** off" - Mat from Grave Pleasures tells the MI Podcast

Dark rock's mercurial master speaks

How do you better an album that’s attained cult classic status?

It’s hard. Beastmilk’s ‘Climax’ was just an unbelievable record.

This was the task facing Mat McNerney when he and the rest of Grave Pleasures set out to continue from where Beastmilk left off.

Well… they did it.

‘Dreamcrash’ is a phenomenal record too. So we tracked him down for a bit of a chat outside the band’s recent Glasgow gig. Hear it here!

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  1. Great interview. Very natural and off the cuff, in a way, but really informative for that. you sounds utterly gimped! The gig in Dublin was the bizz.

  2. cool interview. been on a massive code and hexvessel buzz as of late as well. insanely talented individual. I think I might actually prefer dreamcrash to climax as well.

  3. Black Shepherd Carnage Says:

    The Earl took his steam boat for a good ride that night! Made the interview all the better though.

  4. “Bauhaus, no wave, batcave, whateverthefuck…”

  5. cool

  6. Earl sounds like he snorted ALL the Coke

  7. Ned The Gom Says:

    With Tom Tom Club on in the background, wehay. Nice interview.

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