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Album Of The Month December 2015
Aluk Todolo | ‘Voix’

“And now for something completely different,” goes the famous quote.

So weaving, pulsing and clattering their way out of the Anja Offensive lair come Aluk Todolo, once again – to blow the cobwebs off your bored ears with hurricane force.

Their last lodestone, ‘Occult Rock’ from 2012, impressed so many with its entranced beats and utterly different musical agenda.

Yet it was totally under the radar. It’s a shame, because music like this just doesnt yearn to be heard – it yearns to be sensed all over.

It is just so full and so moreish, vintage but modern, heavy yet spacious.

Worn Loudly

Their 70’s influences are worn loudly on their sleeves, but not in the camp or arch way of the grasping, trendy crowd currently doing the rounds. This is much more serious than that.

The songs are long, long, long digressions through trance like states of high-rock, recalling Mahavishnu Orhestra more than anything, but washed over with a much rocked-up Godspeed You Black Emperor.

I wouldn’t for an instant say they’re still suffused with black metal, because they aren’t, but every so often you get a hint at where these guys have come from. That comes when you hear the nod to modern Mayhem in those backward chord scrapes, or a lingering high pitched whine from some instrument in the background.

There are no vocals to complicate matters. If anything the bass does that, with it’s constantly wandering, spidery detail.

Keeping Paice with Mitch

The real joy of it all however is the drumming. I just hear so much Mitch Mitchell (the innate groove), Ian Paice (the cymbals) and Bill Ward (the thunder) all the way through it.

As with many great albums there is zero point whatsoever in breaking this down to individual tracks because it just doesn’t work that way. You have to have it whole.

And in whole it is immensely different, it’s own thing, and their own band, so far our from the mainstream as to be beautiful for that fact itself.

They’ve captured their vibe so exquisitely that listening to it actually makes you feel like you’re in the front row of one of their gigs, absolutely transfixed to the music.

And that feeling is something you just dont get every day. So check this out -it’s a little cracker, and easy Album Of The Month for Decemer 2015.

4.4/5 – Earl Grey ::: 27/12/15

  1. Nice, looking forward to this.

  2. loved occult rock. the musicianship was superb!

  3. looking forward to checking this out, occult rock is a lethal piece of music, as was their live performance.

  4. justincredible Says:

    Have they played Ireland before?
    I would definitely like to see them live.

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