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The Metal Insight Podcast #

How Ireland's men of letters haunt Mourning Beloveth's 'Rust & Bone'

Podcast #22: Darren & Frank talk to MI

Rust And Bone

What is the influence of history and culture on a band?

Mourning Beloveth’s new album is suffused with the spirits of old ghosts – of Irish men of letters, Yeats, Beckett and more besides.Their words haunt ‘Rust And Bone’.

The album is out now, and shows a real update in Mourning Beloveth’s style.

This half hour podcast chat with Darren Moore and Frank Brennan from the band is revealing about their influences and indeed their daring on this new album – especially in taking the challenging step of interpreting W.B. Yeats’ ‘Easter, 1916’ in a musical form.

Our sponsors for this episode are the fantastic Ván Records. Go to their site now – they have ‘Rust And Bone’ for €14.99 including free shipping.

Here’s the preview video they’ve put out for it recently. It gets a bit more music in than we have in the Podcast.

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  1. Great interview. Looking forward to picking up the new album.

  2. Black Shepherd Carnage Says:

    The greatest metal band our island has ever seen. Thanks for the interview MI.

  3. Andy/bottle Says:

    Agreed BSC.
    The lyrics in this are fantastic, as they were in Formless. I hope an Irish headline gig is announced to mark the release of the new album.

  4. A very interesting listen and a deadly album.

  5. Excellent piece. Only criticism is the audio can be a little difficult in parts but the content is brilliant.

  6. Yes, conscious of that. Crap speakers here to monitor on, which I really did notice this time. I’m upgrading.

  7. Very cool interview. I love this album so much.

  8. Miotal Trom Says:

    Excellent interview. The album is amazing. It’s really cool to hear some of the stuff behind the writing of it and the way the lads work behind the scenes. Good work.

  9. About time.. well put together.

  10. Excellent! Great to give this a listen. Barely hear or see you guys anymore. (sending out a high pitched metal scream to Frank) take care lad’s.

  11. Amazing song, really deep

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