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Serpents Athirst | ‘Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration’

It’s not everyday you get an irreligious goat-worshipping blast attack coming out of Sri Lanka.

Depending on how much you love this style, mssrs Obliterator, Blasphemous Wargoat, Decimator and Lord Khaostorm are either the height of pure underground metal attack or unforgivably behind the times.

Whichever view you take, there’s no doubt they’re tight and angry.

The first few seconds of this has them bursting right out of the gates like early Marduk.

Blasts. War. Total intensity.

Perhaps because they’re from an outsider country on the metal map, they share that same rawness that you find from the South American underground. It’s leather, spikes and total destruction.

They’re snappy, that’s for sure. ‘Ritual Vomiting’ is a war metal standard, coming from the Order From Chaos, Revenge and Impiety school (or should that be old-school) of blast and rasp.

‘Congregation Decimation’ slows it down a tad for some blood curdling vocal work reminiscent of Atila Csihar (a little bit) and the title track makes excellent use of crashing and clattering cymbals to paint a picture of full frontal assault.

It’s a short EP and a good introduction to the band. It sits well in Invictus’ roster beside the likes of Slutvomit.

There could be a bit more invention in the riffs across it, but in truth it’s the drums that are the star of the show. They’re what lead it and give it movement, where the riffs are pretty stock. They really do fire through the paces though – this guy is clearly talented.

If you’re happy to accept a furious and wretched underground attack with zero bells and whistles, this will float your boat. There’s a certain scumminess in it that will appeal to fans of Impaled Nazarene or Arkhon Infaustus, albeit at a much more basic level.

I personally need a bit more development here musically, but for what it is, it’s entirely decent within the subgenre.

2.7 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 08/03/16

  1. I like it. Vicious and to the point stuff. There is something in the water in Sri Lanka and India right now. It’s teeming with violent metal.

  2. exactly shit im into these days. excellent

  3. exactly the*

  4. Sri Lankan, Indian, Malaysian scenes putting out seriously intense gear of late. Great to see.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Generic as Fuuuuck

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