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Ester Segarra

● Are live photos 'fake' now?
● How to get the perfect band pic
● Snapping Burzum, Mesuggah, Watain

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Limelight Oct 3rd

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The Metal Insight Podcast #

Unconquered Darkness is about to hit Dublin - this podcast is the lowdown

With EXCLUSIVE Corpsessed track!

The lineup reads like a who’s who of the underground’s harshest and most compelling acts.

So the name is spot on: it’s the expertly crafted festival that’s about to hit Ireland. Unconquered Darkness.

Put together by Darragh from Invictus and Matt from Dark Descent, it represents a determined coming toegther of bands and fans who know what the underground really is.

Some of the bands playing have barely set foot beyond their own shores – it’s that special.

In this podcast, MI talks to a few of them, as well as one of the label bosses running it. We chat with up and coming strangelords Malokarpatan – the bleak and misanthropic Antiversum – and the pummelling death metal monstrosity that is Corpsessed.

There’s More – Exclusive Corpsessed Track!

One of the band’s in this podcast, Corpsessed who are of course on Dark Descent Records, has helped us celebrate the occasion with a totally new and exclusive track.

Matti from the band has given it to us to celebrate the festival and with it Corpsessed’s coming to Ireland. Sound man!

Now this is still just a demo version – but I think you’ll agree it’s absolutely crushing.

Enjoy it – this, exclusively for Metalireland, is ‘Impetus Of The Dead’!

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  1. Bummed that Malthusian have had to pull out of this but I can’t wait to see most of the bands. Gonna be a whopper three days. I’ve actually even saved cash aside for merch. I’ve never been so financially organised 😀

  2. open face surgery Says:

    Shit one alright. On for checking out more or less every band as well which of course means I will miss everything. Ha. That double whammy of Lvcifyre/Adversarial is the stuff of gooey dreams.

  3. Really good podcast. Very good in particular to hear interviews with Malokarpatan and Corpsessed. The new Corpsessed tune is very strong too and has inspired me to dig out their mini-album and album for a listen today.

  4. Eoin McLove Says:

    Really enjoyed the interviews alright.

  5. Looking forward to the weekend. Plenty of madness ahead.

  6. great podcast, i cant fucking wait for this

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