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Grot | ‘Grot’

Just look at that cover art.

A wrong un-skull, a Paul McCarroll masterpiece of sinister art.

It fits this music perfectly – this incandescent, searing outburst of death metal with a dark black edge.

I can hardly believe the improvement that has gone on with Grot since their last demo, but the vivacious and energetic talent on display here is unquestionable.

They have raised their game by leagues, and coming as it does in the same week as the death metal paean from Zealot Cult, we are simply being spoiled of late.

To recap, Grot was a bit of a project band, led by ex Gama Bomb guitarist John Roche and Warpath singer Eoin Broughal – but crucially, enlisting the huge talents of Kevin Talley, better know from Dying Fetus and Misery Index.

I dont know if that makeup remains the same, or if Talley is the drummer on this record, but I can only surmise it’s still the case. Because the speeds and intensities achieved here are simply scorching.

Diving right in, ‘Denying Complexity’ just rasps with Jeff Walker-isms in the Carcass vocal. Yet it’s those rolls and blasts that are the electrifying component.

Right out of the blocks you’re getting Aborted, Cattle Decapitation and Misery Index. The solos are fluid and the beats are crisp.

Yet somehow much more impressive and more atmospheric is the slightly blackened feeling ‘Impending Dystopia’. It’s got clear references to Abigial Williams and Impaled Nazarene, with a distinctly frostier tone.

But it’s back to the proper death metal as the release highlight ‘Imposed Doctrine’ has the pace and turn-on-a-pin incisiveness as Deicide’s ‘Stench Of Redemption’, with ‘Necroticism’ gnash.

There’s a fair bit of Benighted and Belphegor in their sound too.

The hugeness of the sound, the fineness of their playing, the cleanness of their cut – it’s fantastically good.

Hear this at once. Their surgical precision, fearsome speed and instinctive knack for awesome death metal riffing is to be admired.

This needs picked up by a quality label, like yesterday – a fearsome release, red in tooth and claw.

Earl Grey ::: 10/05/16

  1. Class, never managed to get the first release, band musnt have put it out. Really good stuff.

  2. open face surgery Says:

    Warpath bassist. Sounds cool and I’d take a confident guess at it being programmed drums.

  3. Slit your Guts Says:

    Quick update on the Band Bio
    New Vocalist, Shane “Red” Corcoran
    Kevin Talley did the drum sessions
    and I’m still in Gama Bomb

  4. open face surgery Says:

    I woulda put money on those drums being programmed.

  5. Sounds great and without reading the comments, I thought exactly the same thing about the drums…just too crisp and perfect, inhumanly tight.

    If they are real, respect to the drummer. He’s world class:)

  6. Kevin Talley has been blowing minds for many, many years with his drumming – ‘tight’ wouldn’t even start to cover it.

    Check out his early days.

  7. open face surgery Says:

    At least he didn’t sound like a computer back then. Prob the biggest whore of a drummer going to be fair. He seems to have been in every “mainstream” American death metal there is.

  8. Eoin McLove Says:

    Bit of an Absu vibe off that? Sounds very accomplished indeed. I’d love to hear it with a more filthy production but that’s probably just me. Intense stuff.

  9. Where did this come out of?? Class mix of styles going on here – really enjoying this.

  10. Recapitated Says:

    Can’t go wrong with that! Will explore further. Double kick is very proscriptor, savage drum work!

  11. Black Shepherd Carnage Says:

    That’s damn impressive. Not the kind of thing I listen to too much these days, but savage, really well put together, riffs leaping out of the speakers, and vicious vocals!

  12. Eoin McLove Says:

    Yeah. Not the type of gear I tend to go in for but any fool can tell there’s a lot of skill there, from the musicianship to the tense build build build of the song writing. If it had a rawer production it would be fucking lethal but I doubt that is what the lads are going for. No reason this couldn’t be picked up by a decent label and promoted properly.

  13. BobbytheBuzz Says:

    Been listening to this for a while now, great stuff…..prefer the style of vocal on the last CD a bit more, but that’s just personal preference, i think the vocals here suit this style alot more, very Carcass alright. Alot more black metal style influence in this release in terms of speed and overall feel. Fair play!

  14. Sounds class.

  15. This is real good! Drums are so tight.

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