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Debridement | ‘Reduced To A Pile Of Putrefying Slop’

It wouldn’t be the genre I normally reach for – and I’m sure that applies to most.

But that’s not to say that deep underground goregrind can’t occasionally surprise.

Yes, it can be desperately hard to make out a tune in so many of these bands.

The scooped guitars, ping pong drums and piggy wiggy vocals can have only the most limited appeal.

At the same time there’s no denying the craft that’s gone into this.

Foetid Frolic

Connor Brown, nowadays from Oncology and of course formerly Putrefy, must have been holed up for a good while in whatever charnel house he makes his music in with this foetid frolic.

For a start the drum programming (I’m guessing?) is pretty fantastic. Despite the at times grating snare drum, the variety in it all is remarkable.

There are lots of rolls with variable dynamics, which isn’t the stadard fayre in more amateurish programming.

The riffs are crunchy with all the standard gravity blasts into slam downs you’d expect in this style.

Are there songs in here anywhere? I’ll be honest and say it’s more of a beats situation, where the listening pleasure is mainly derived from the bounce and pace of it all.

But Connor’s not stupid about this kind of stuff, and so ‘Shards Of Bone’ does well to slow down to a doomy bellow near the end.

I’ve no idea how he’s produced the disgusting vocals in ‘The Ballad Of Carlos Estevez’, where the music levels out to allow a wallowing, sloppy, disgusting gurgle to run over the bassline like a wet poo.

It’s utterly disgusting sounding, even if the rest of the vocals on here are of the ‘bree bree bree’ school of goregrind.

So what’s it worth?

Well, decent drum programming (or playing if that’s what it is) and a lot of slams and pinch harmonics make for a good time.

It’s not as dense as some stuff in the genre, but it’s hardly for everyone either. Give it a spin though.

Earl Grey ::: 17/05/16

  1. Good to see you back in the driving seat connor. New York slam all over it, why am I not suprised.

  2. Is the snare supposed to sound like that?

  3. Please just mute that snare, or even upgrade it to the St Anger snare. It sounds like some annoying kid hitting a wok beside your head while you’re trying to listen to some deadly death matal

  4. Jimmy beanface Says:

    Dan has summed it up perfectly for me.
    I know its a genre, but I’d like to add that the vocal style is particularly awful too.

  5. I think the snare sounds class haha.

  6. raped by rednecks Says:

    this isn,t real death metal
    programmed drum, shite aye!

  7. up your wrong one Says:

    Bunch of slack jaw faggots around here, this shit will turn u into a god damned sexual Tyranusaurus like me

  8. Black Shepherd Carnage Says:

    Not having a right one, I feel marginalised by the previous poster’s username. I didn’t mind the snare sound at all… clearly I’m lacking in experience of these kind of vocals though; sounded like DJ scratching slowed down to my ears! Are there many bands/projects with this kind of vocal?

  9. Jugggggg Says:

    Vocals sound a bit like a strong gale blowing through a crack in the door while stanger is playing at high speed in the background. Wouldn’t be my cup o’ tea but fair play for putting it together.

  10. Desedcration Says:

    Seriously? NIDM

  11. martin wyer Says:

    Ho ho, bag of sour grapes for raped by rednecks!

  12. Recapitated Says:

    haha, strong gale indeed! Nothing to get hold of here, for me. If i was to select a highlight from this, it’d be the fairly impressive dance between pig toad and strong gale the vocal performance achieves.

  13. Fast as a Shark Says:

    This is hilarious. If you’re going to pretend to be Jason, at least use his current profile name, not his old one. Jeez.

  14. Can’t comment on the music as I got bored waiting to hear the end of John Goodmans rant, not a fan of this kinds thing anyway.

    Must say the logo is cool but the text under it ruins the presentation it is beyond awful.

  15. JazzHands Says:

    I like it, sounds a lot like putrefy only with better drums.

  16. Debridement….so, divorce?


  18. chipsmonster Says:


  19. Fuck all of ye who are slagging off my boyfriends band
    Putrefy are much better than this computer programmed shite!

  20. Martin Wyer Says:

    What happened with Putrefy anyway? 20 + years into their career, they release their best album then just wrap up the band.


  22. Martin Wyer Says:

    Genuinely thought they’d split up. No need for the petty name calling.

  23. Jimmy beanface Says:

    Putrefy are equally as shit at this

  24. Utter garbage, This should just be cancelled.

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