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The Metal Insight Podcast #

Autopsy's Chris Reifert on how the Germans flipped at gore

'It's childish, but funny' - Podcast #25!

Chris Reifert has no airs and graces. He’s a chilled guy who wears his talent lightly.

Yet this is the man who drummed on Death’s ‘Scream Bloody Gore’: the man who crafted two of Death Metal’s most influential albums of all time – Autopsy’s ‘Mental Funeral’ and ‘Severed Survival’.

In this podcast with Lorcan Archer, Chris talks death metal, has a laugh over falling foul of worried Germans, and flags up his love for a certain Irish underground band whose t-shirt he still wears!

Why Is Chris So Cool?

So perhaps younger death metal heads maybe wont know about why Autopsy mattered so much to the genre’s development – after all, their classic albums are two decades old.

This is basically your answer. It’s ‘Mental Funeral’ – their mad, doomy death metal masterpiece.

But It’s Not Just Autopsy

Chris didn’t rest on his laurels though.

After Autopsy, his other incredible band was Abscess, who put out a string of great albums with a more up tempo and pounding vibe. Here’s ‘Tomb Of The Unknown Junkie’ from ‘Through The Cracks Of Death’ – a great album.

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  1. those two autopsy albums should be venerated by all fans of filthy music. Only really listened to Tormented from Abscess. Its a great album, stinking punky death metal of the highest order. RATBAAAAAAAAAAAG RATBAAAAAAAAAG. Must give the rest of their stuff a blast

  2. cool interview, he sounds pretty sound and laid back

  3. Acts of the Unspeakable is immense too. Nice interview, he seems really sound too.

  4. Great interview, really enjoyed that now. What are the chances of Autopsy hitting Ireland I wonder?

  5. open face surgery Says:

    Meant to post after I listened to this. Seems like a very cool guy and the WOTH bit at the end was the business. Also, much prefer Lorcan doing podcasts. That UD one sounded like it was made up of stuff read on the board without actually having any vested interest in the bands. Just my two cents.

  6. Recapitated Says:

    Cool listen! Cool that he’s still buzzing off it all as a fan as well as a musician.

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