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Bailer | ‘Shaped By The Landscape’

I remember seeing an anthelete running a few years ago in the Commonwealth Games.

She had this message on her hand as a sort of memory aid.

It said ‘Start fast and commit’, or something similar, which I always thought was cool.

Anyway, that’s very much Bailer’s idea on this new four track from them.

The Co. Cork hardcore crew have made huge leaps from their demo of a few years ago – itself no slouch – and return with a massive, thick production that bursts at its own edges.

Look at their faces. It’s small town ‘fight ye’ aggro, delivered with conviction and power.

‘Failsafe’, ‘The Binding’ and ‘Anti Venom’ proceeed largely the same way with different degrees of metal to (modern) hardcore in the mix – ‘The Binding’ being about the most choppy and metallic, and ‘Anti Venom’ having some nice dissonant chords.

It’s very good save one irritation: the way the vocals go down and up like a yo-yo at the end of every (and I mean every) phrase.

Once this tick has been noticed it cannot be unnoticed, and really puts strain on listening to this over and over.

Luckily the standout track ‘The Benefit Of Doubt’ provides a compelling reason to do so. It’s far different from the other songs on here, slower and more impactful, swaying around with massive fat detuned bends that suck the air back into the speakers.

I hope they do much more stuff like this. It has a sort of Will Haven bent that the other track dont, and reminds of Norma Jean, who they’re about to support as well.

More variety needed in the other three, and that vocal tick could do with a look, though I accept it might just be the singer’s calling card, as it were.

But a very strong showing over all. Artwork by Zhora’s Colin Bolger and all.

– Earl Grey ::: 22/05/16

  1. If I didn’t read the review and just clicked on the track I probably would have heard the up/down thing in the phrasing but only in the background. The fact that it was pointed out made me listen out for it.
    Having said that it’s still a good track with some wallop when the singer is going full tilt. Reminds be a small bit of Most Precious Blood which is nice.

  2. gut face Says:

    They don’t have long hair so I won’t listen to it.

  3. Jimmy beanface Says:

    the head on yer man standing in the front

  4. chipsmonster Says:

    high as a kite

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