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Album Of The Month July 2016
Lycus | ‘Chasms’

It may be July, and the sun may be splitting the skies outside this month.

But you can forget summer when it comes to spinning this fantastic Album Of The Month.

Any thoughts of it are banished with Lycus’ hermetic and insular funereal doom / death.

Marrying many of the best tones and approaches to be found in The Ruins Of Beverast, Indesinence and Skepticism, this brutally heavy stuff is absoutely compelling across these four long tracks.

Melancholy Bludgeon

A supernatural atmosphere hangs over it all like a dank fog, while occasional clean plucks give the sort of melancholy magic to it.

Much more often though this is a double kick laden doom/death bludgeon, with vocals scraped from the bowels of the earth and a subterranean production that makes you feel as though you’re listening by candlelight alone.

There are occasional blastbeats to underscore the intensities that the music builds to, and even redemtive choral notes, as in ‘Solar Chamber’ which give a slight relief to the woe.

All the three bands I mentioned at the start comes to ones mind at some point or other throughout this. Best of all though, they have written songs, real songs – not for them the cloak of impenetrable murk that masks the questionable abilities of many of their peers.

Nope, this is wonderfully listenable in all it’s weight and suffering – as I said, laden with atmosphere and tristesse too.


A violin harking to My Dying Bride haunts a little passage of ‘Chasms’, though the music is somewhat further from the norm than they – closer at times to Mourning Beloveth.

At fourteen minutes this one’s an epic, slamming at the seven minute mark into some speed and even Gothic tinged atmospheres with that watery clean guitar over it all and 4/4 rocking beat it lapses into.

So there is much to like in this, and variety within the doomscape.

It’s also incredibly heavy, if you’ve sated yourself this year with Swallow The Sun’s three part opus, or you’re looking for a new buzz after ‘Rust & Bone’.

Not quite as feral and alien as the Ruins of Beverast, but a welcome companion piece, and a strong Album Of The Month.

4.4 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 18/07/16

  1. Sounds great. Bit of an Asunder buzz to it.

  2. This came out in January…
    I should expect the new Swans review in time for christmas, yeah?

  3. It’s too good to overlook.

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