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Savage Realm | ‘Nocturnal Savagery’

Nasty music made by nasty people. Nothing like it.

This came out of nowhere, and fully knocked me for six.

Made up of the now defunct Kent sludge/hardcore legends Lich and Kunal from the highly underrated Art of Burning Water, Savage Realm have released this little nasty to coincide with a tour with Moloch.

The first thing that hits you about ‘So As Below’ is the utterly unrestrained power on display here. Listen to those chords ring out. It’s utter euphoria.

Then it speeds up before going into a little Entombed/Gehenna worship. It’s utterly enthralling and exhilarating. Just like the best records about nastiness should be.

‘Poveglia’ is an orgy of drums and distortion. At various points, it sounds like each member is playing a different song, but the sheer ferocity on show overrides any other thought. It really does feel like being caught in a hurricane, and when the track slows down again, the listener is grateful for the room to breathe.

I love how ‘The Sea of Claws’ builds and builds with the bassline, before giving way to speed again. The little lead breaks sound like ‘Raining Blood’ being played badly and out of tune, but it works perfectly. Once again, it acts as a breather for the listener and allows a little chuckle.

‘Sacred Grove’ features a stellar doomy riff before it gives way to the speed and aggression. This is probably the closest thing on here to a traditional Lich track in terms of length and tone. Pure, unadulterated intensity.

Apparently, this will be out on tape soon. Don’t sleep on it, grab it and revel in the nastiness.

Highly recommended.

Christopher Owens ::: 17/07/16

  1. Yep, savage stuff.

  2. pentagrimes Says:

    also, actually pissing myself laughing at the “nasty music made by nasty people”. these are the biggest bunch of sweethearts you could ever meet.

  3. It’s the faux faded print effect that’s getting me.

  4. Black Shepherd Carnage Says:

    For what it’s aiming to pay homage to, that artwork is superb. And those sounds are just pummelling away at all the right spots! The Owens done good for a change :p

  5. Eoin McLove Says:

    This rules.

  6. pentagrimes Says:

    Right – if people want tape copies of this hit me up . I’m going to get some from Kunal.

  7. Eoin McLove Says:

    Yeah baby

  8. This is fucking tragic, do we really need another band of this ilk?
    Sad, sad generic shit.

  9. switcharoo Says:

    Yeah, this ‘trend’ can go ahead and end now, it’s become a total parody of itself. Can’t be doin’ with anymore of it. And people complain about the thrash resurgence…yaaaaaaawn.

  10. pentagrimes Says:

    Yeah, there’s a ton of bands doing the Dystopia/Enewatak/Cattlepress thing alright lads…

    anyway, I have tapes. PM me if you want one

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