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The Metal Insight Podcast #27

"No-one could ever replace King Diamond" - Sean Peck's huge task

Confronting critics + falsetto lesson!

Stepping into the shoes of a metal idol is never easy.

Sean Peck certainly has a task on his hands – he’s joined Mercyful Fate’s guitarists Michael Denner and Hank Shermann for a new metal attack that draws on their rich past while looking forward to the future.

But it goes without saying that Sean has to weather the criticism of fans who – understandably – live for the days when King Diamond was out in front.

I wanted to find out how he’s dealing with it – and the answer, as you’ll hear… is like an absolute superfan.

Blistering Falsetto

The new album, ‘Masters Of Evil’, is a scorching assembly of sharp metal riffing and awesome falsetto vocal in the classic Mercyful style.

Last year I wrote that their EP was full of vivacity and energy – and I think the new album betters it again.

I asked Sean in this podcast to take us through some of his vocal techniques for getting up that high – and where he puts his incredible vibrato as well. Both of which, by the way, are used to good effect on the track below.

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  1. That track is all kinds of boring. Not a hook to be heard.

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