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The Metal Insight Podcast #28

Life's cymbal pleasures - Claire Percival is crushing the metal biz

Dead Label are on the up - so listen

She’s played Japan, America, Europe, the UK…. and even Ireland.

As Dead Label have gone from strength to strength, their drummer Claire Percival has seen her fair share of the music business, and learned about life on the road.

In this podcast she reflects on the band’s success in far away countries – from recording in Holywood to playing an airbase in Japan.

We talk about the economies of touring – and, because she’s a drum nut who works in a drum store, we buzz of the simple pleasure of a great cymbal.

I thought Dead Label’s recent album, Throne Of Bones, was a real leap up in quality from their debut.

They’ve come a very long way from the sweaty clubs of Dublin.

They’ve had huge support slots, great tours and festivals, and really are now one of Ireland’s brightest metal hopes on the international stage at the moment.

They’re a shining example of busting their asses, getting out, working the circuit and reaping great rewards from new fans across different continents.

Claire too is a really great example of someone totally connected to their music, and really living it. It was a great chat and I know you’ll enjoy this insight into one of Ireland’s more successful metal drummers.

We talk about how it is to be a lady behind a kit in a metal band – about people’s expectations and prejudices.

And we salute all the other Irish bands who’ve been on the festival circuit this summer who Dead Label have been hanging out with.

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  1. Cool interview, very hard working band!!

  2. Fair play to them. They are working their asses off and getting out there.

  3. Seen them twice and they sound great. Nice groove too them.

  4. Saw them twice in support slots in dublin and thought they were
    class. Very hard working band. Cool interview.
    Wish them all the best. They deserve it.

  5. i’m subscribed on itunes.are these not meant to pop up when i refresh

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