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Fvnerals | ‘Wounds’

Is doomgaze a thing?

I hate crap labels as much as anyone else, but sometimes they’re just the best descriptor for the music – and in the case of Fvnerals, there’s no more accurate upsum.

In common with Darkher, also out recently though more determinedly gothic in image and pitch, Fvnerals take their time over their tracks, seeking not so much variety as immersion and mood.

Which is to say that most of tracks sound very like each other.

Repeated listening does open them up considerably however, and that’s when it starts to get interesting.

Because with familiarity, these tracks do become very companionable over the span of the album. Not necessarily in the front of your mind, but certainly filling the background with a dark accompaniment.

Long, plonking, detuned notes with a sort of fat and gnarly My Bloody Valentine guitar tone provide the ominous base for vocalist Tiffany to wail over. Her character is mostly that of a lost soul, as though speaking to you from behind a door ajar afraid to come through it.

Until, that is, she lets rip, when there’s a sort of Julie Christmas quality to her wail, or perhaps the familiar lilt of Sunn 0))) & Boris’ ‘Sinking Belle’.

Never once does the music accelerate into anything you’d call a groove. These songs are all about murky introspection and the occasional outburst.

And as I said, they’re basically all very similar, so its a question of levels of bleakness between them.

To that end, ‘Shiver’ and ‘Teeth’ are the most impressive for my money.

Tenebrous alternative sounds for when you’ve time on your hands: I would love to hear them absolutely throw the doll out of the pram for some songs, but there’s a reserve that keeps them away from doing just that.

One for the late night and the dressing gown for sure.

3.4 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 02/11/16

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