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Underoath - Dublin - May 02

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The Spell

The Metal Insight Podcast #30

Megadeth, Dream Theater and even Soundgarden in the new A7X

Bassist Johnny Christ explains all to MI

The solos are like vintage Marty Friedman. Some of the drumming is pure Dream Theater. And the songs are fantastic.

That’s what I’m hearing on the new Avenged Sevenfold. It’s a musical tour de force, and how fantastic it is to think they’re at the height of their popularity with such accomplished playing.

Parts of this album even sound like Soundgarden. So I got in touch with bassist Johnny Christ, aka Johnny Seward to find out how they’ve absorbed those influences over the years, and how they wove them into ‘The Stage’.

We also talk about that fantastic guitar playing, and new drummer Brooks Wackerman – the younger brother of Chad Wackerman who so memorably played on fusion jazz legened and all round Meshuggah influence Allan Holdsworth’s brilliant albums. Who knew!

I hope you enjoy it. Here’s one of my favourite tracks off it: ‘Fermi Paradox’. It reminds me big time of ‘Dweller On The Threshold’ by Joe Satriani.

Which is no bad thing.

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  1. nice one. that album is bloody class bar a few tracks.

  2. Arguably the most irritating metal band to ever walk the face of the earth.

  3. yet you still click into threads about them

  4. Only to write derogatory comments about them. Because I hate them.

  5. Ahhhh laads.. grown men listening to this. come on.

  6. Black Shepherd Says:

    Amazing… even with Adblock, 6 direct click Amazon (and who better!) product placements connected to this piece!

  7. brianwilliams82 Says:

    Sure why didn’t they just use Eddie as their mascot? I’m sure nobody would have noticed.

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