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Axial Symmetry | ‘United Corruption’

There’s a sort of uninhibited aggression about this that you don’t really hear so much.

A kind of frantic, over the top delivery – particularly from the drummer – that lends it an energy you’d expect from Destruction or Sodom.

From the name I’d expected some sort of mathcore or djent band, and so was knocked a little sideways when instead came a rather more traditional thrashy deathy mix.

It’s a hotchpotch of the underground in general, with a bit of keyboardy atmospherics in the background too, as well as some clean, monkish singing occasionally. Too many ingredients, you might say.

So I’m not entirely sure what they’re going for – it could be any of the above directions in each of the songs.

The only thing I know is that they’ve got tons of energy and haven’t quite yet figured out where they want to put it in a more focused fashion.

The drums are thunderous, with carpet bombing double kick and clattering cymbals powering the whole thing forward, usually on first beat snares, giving that charging, militaristic feel.

The guitar riffs too are good when they lock with the double kick for the rumblier style of riffs – despite all the allusions to the nastier thrash end of things, there are times when South American death metal is referenced.

In terms of criticism, the guitar solos are fast but musically questionable – the just dont fit with the notes around them – and the vocals can get a bit samey, particularly with the double tracked style they’ve chosen.

But it feels like early days. It sounds demo-ish in comparison to much other good stuff in the Irish underground at present, and perhaps a little bit of a throwback in style as well.

They need a meatier sound, warmer rather than crispier guitars, and a very clear sense of what they’re trying to do.

At the moment it sounds a case of throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. The energy is there in spades, but the band want for a clearer identity.

Heavy stuff, but lacking verve and real sense of self just yet.

Earl Grey ::: 21/12/16

  1. I had, wrongly, assumed from the name these were a tech death metal band but this is much more late 80s/early 90s (fuck off Matt, not getting a dig for this) death/thrash.

  2. Eoin McLove Says:

    Dig most definitely in the post.

  3. This is online so no digs.

  4. Benny T Remains Says:

    Sounds great to me. Lead guitar and vocals are savage.

  5. open face surgery Says:

    Ya, I think they used to be a bit more proggy but good stuff. Definitely getting a dig though. You know the rules.

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